Has Political Correctness In This Day and Age Gone Too Far

  • Ray V - 10 years ago

    Our give me my share society wants us all to strive to conform in mediocrity. They fail to realize we need the overacheivers as leaders and catalysts. So sad. Not what my parents taught me, or what I tried to pass on to my children.

  • Solange - 10 years ago

    We should have been aware of this trend , it threatens family, society and makes sheep out of people, gravely destroying our liberty of thought and action. Let us hope that it can be reversed, and common sense reinstated
    at home , in our cities, and through the nation .
    And pray that it is not too late .

  • Paul - 10 years ago

    Keep hammering away at it. Everyone knows that p.c. speech codes are b.s. -- it is only fear of reprisal that keeps people cowed. How about a GMG sponsored "PC Vacation" party. I'd come to that.

  • dave delorey - 10 years ago

    Yes, Common sense has to come back if we as a people are to survive.
    I was brought up with cowboys and Indians.
    Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in school.
    School bake sales
    pot luck dinners.
    Prayer in schools
    Christmas celebrated in schools.

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