Does this gay Kappa wedding upset you?

  • Tommy - 4 years ago

    Beautiful...l envy them and l know God loves them and will bless their love. I admire their strength to stand up for their love for one another

  • Windy - 9 years ago

    Our Holy Bible states we have the right to judge when things are not of God occurs in this world and with those we love. This is just like Sodom and Gamorrah all over again, this was in old and New Testament. God gave us His power to choose life and death,(Genesis) I'm just saying. Many Christians have became so scared to speak out and it is time to not allow the enemy to stop us. No I'm not perfect but I strive each day to be like my Heavenly Father Jesus Christ. God said to replenish the earth with men and women together how can that be when everyone is gay. Maybe collecting sperm but then who to say there are more health problems developed because now were working out of the will of God. Does anyone care that we are living out of the will of God. I don't hate those who love the same sex I love them dearly to want them to get that real relationship with Christ. Because of my hurt from rape, molestation, and bad relationships the enemy tried to put a hold on me to turn to women. When God blessed me with my man, my husband I'm so gracious and thankful to God that I chose Him and not the things of satan. I pray for many souls to go to the promise land and not where satan is constantly hand picking those to hell. I pray not many problems come there way but we all have to answer to our mistakes. Do I have right to judge Matthew 7:1 says so before judging myself and I know very well that I choose not to live and share myself sexually with another women. Then there is Psalms 37:38 that states we are to speak wisdom when judging. Again no I'm not perfect but have given authority from Christ to discern from right and wrong, and continue each day to strive to live for Christ and not saying so would not be acknowledging Him. If all the things that are not of God to be displayed to all why can't we as Christians speak our minds, maybe it is because no one wants to hear truth and continue to commit wrong. I respect corrective criticism from God because it is maturity and Growth in Christ. Please follow this site and read

  • Ronda Y - 9 years ago

    I love this wedding it was full love simply Beautiful !

  • Gilbert - 9 years ago

    Who the fuck are you to judge them? Let them live their life. If you are not happy go to planet Mars!!!!

  • diva - 9 years ago


  • larry johnson - 9 years ago

    they could have gotten married and left the fratenity out of it.

  • Kim S Smith - 9 years ago

    That was so wonderful who ever did the video wow wow wow I enjoy seeing this type of true love and again wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ladyzshy - 9 years ago

    I thought the wedding was beautiful and wish I had been invited. The only thing I don't like about sorority/fraternity weddings is the tribute to the bride/groom by their sorority/fraternity members. They are boring, mindless and look pretty stupid to other guests watching. They take up time that could be spent by other guests dancing and enjoying the wedding.

  • Kynyatta - 9 years ago

    When i saw the video of the lovely couple and read there story i got emotional they look happy & in love and that there bond is unbreakable and the whole wedding omg they surely did that & im happy for them with my blessing.

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