What is most important for feeding growing world population?


  • Lanny Cotler - 11 years ago

    This is poll is a hoax perpetrated by the greedy corporations who care more about profit that feeding the world or protecting the Earth that feeds us all.

    Anyone who checked "All of the above" was duped.

    We don't need "less government regulation", we need better regulation. Big Ag is poisoning the Earth and most of its creatures.

    Personally, I think we're doomed because people are ignorant and the 1% is greedy, greedy, grotesquely greedy.

  • Gardner Hatch - 11 years ago

    All of the above and more... I don't think you can say there is one "thing" that is most important. In addition to the above, it is going to take industry collaboration. Industry, academia, NGOs working together. Recruitment of our best talent into the field of agriculture. Investment. Better infrastructure. Transportation. The list goes on.

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