Should the players be banned from playing?

  • Barbara OBrien - 8 years ago

    I believe that they have open policy now that you can send your kid to any school as long as they do not miss the aloted days and their grades stay up. Sometimes kids build abond with the coachs and if the children want to go to a better schoool (prep school) they shouldn't be penalized for it. That is like telling a child yes you can have an education like this but not if you want to play sports. Most minority kids play sport to keep them out of trouble and their parents prefer that. So its is a ploy to keep kids down. If you repermand them from playing sports you are actully telling them that they cant do or have both. A good education and extracricular activities. And isn't that what they want smart well balanced kids. Well i guess not they taking teachers out of public school but spend 10 billion a month bullying other countries...

  • shawn_c - 8 years ago

    Nah if those kids wanna play at deions school they should be able to play....yea those schools are jealous of it. But its not their choice its the kids

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