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  • Kyle - 9 years ago

    hey i gotta say that ac4 was the best assassins creed yet and i have some good ideas for ac5 and that it could be about like ww2 and that the assassin's original outfit could be black with some design on it if you all ready like some of my suggestions comment on my instagram @ Parkour_much or email me @ mintyfresh526@gmail.com i can do most of the design sorry if i bug you in any way i can be a good help if you have not any designs

  • Julian - 10 years ago

    I prefer the old model of the Abstergo logo

  • matan - 10 years ago

    i like the logo as it is in the animus trailer, the black one
    but i think this is a really good one too :D keep up the good work :)

  • chris - 10 years ago

    it was way better the way it was before

  • Diego - 10 years ago

    i think its too colorful, i liked the "cleanness" of the logo before this one.

  • Dave - 10 years ago

    I dont see the point in coloring the lines with the primary colorsl. It looks tacky. I would have preferred it be left the same.

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