Do you think the bus driver was right to hit her?

  • Bryan - 7 years ago

    I think he was right, and I wish the law was more on his side. Don't put your hands on anyone if you aren't willing to be hit back. The way she talked to him was deplorable, and they had a verbal exchange for a while, but things were okay until SHE decided to put her hands on him. She escalated the entire incident, and for anyone to say oh she's a lady ... the hell she is! I don't know a lady who would hit a man outside of self-defense. As the driver pointed out, "She wants to be a man, I'm gon' treat you like one." If she hadn't hit him, he would not have uppercut her and threw her off his bus. Frankly, she got what was coming to her. Maybe if people adhere to a general rule of don't hit anyone if you don't want to be hit back, rather than focus on what gender hit first, then we can live better as a society. I think a lot of men and woman would stop hitting if they thought about the fact that they could be hit back harder in return.

  • danie - 8 years ago


  • Neka - 9 years ago

    Yes , the young lady was way out of line for what she was saying but, in all reality she is a woman and no man has the right to put there hands on one! It's sad that so many people agree with him hurting her it's obvious that he has little self control. And if it was one of your family members or friend you wouldn't agree with what he did .

  • ASDF - 9 years ago

    The punch in the face was well deserved.

    I am so sick of the pseudo-intellectal dribble which often follows incidents such as this; 'violence is no answer', 'men should not touch women', 'studies have show that spanking is harmful', etc ,etc. This is pure garbage, a crazy attempt at social engineering which ignores that fact that violence has had a place in human behavior since the beginning of time. What makes violence evil is when it is unjustified, self-defense is totally acceptable.

    The foolish 25 year old rugrat acted like she was 'untouchable' and hence had the 'right' to say and act in whichever manner she felt. She is taking to a 59 year old man, where's the basic concept of respecting your elders? She screamed like a mental patient, hit him and spat on his face?!? If she had know that she would get cold-cocked, I think she would have probably addressed him as 'Mr. bus driver' and payed the damn fare.

  • Slim - 9 years ago

    I would straightly say that the woman was wrong based on what I saw from the point when she started talking to the driver and calling him bitch. There is a saying that "If you blame the hawk for picking the baby chick, you also blame the mother chick for wandering wild". It was a difficult situation for the driver. Humanly speaking, such an assault was hard to tolerate. That being said, there would have been no need to coin the word "forgiveness" if there were no "offenses". Additionally, there are no laid down rules for the levels of offenses that should be forgiven. One day at a time, and each comes with different cases and the need to exercise the principle of forgiveness. The one who can forgive is a brave, broad-minded, strong, and wise person. I do not support what the woman did to the driver, but seeing that we live in a lawful society, I would have called the law enforcement agents to do justice to this incident. Now, the woman may not learn any lesson because, she has become the plaintiff. Why should I be on the defensive? The driver should have thought of his job, family, and the reputation of public workers before acting. As public workers, we are there to serve and protect members of the society. This is where professional conduct comes to play. You do not have to fight with a mad person. That woman could have been under some influence. A sane person would not have acted in that manner. This is why the driver should have dealt with her lawfully by calling the police. She should have been the one to go to jail for assaulting the driver and putting the lives of people in the bus in danger.

  • stephanie - 9 years ago

    I feel the guy did no wrong in this situation...i feel when he was telling her about having grandkids for her she shouldve sat her ratchet ass down and comprehend wht he was tryna tell her ....which was basically he could be her grand dad .....i think she got what she asked for and if any justice is to be determined it should be tht she work wit alot of older people as community service so she learns the importance of respecting her elders n learn tht five min of fame she was tryna get wasnt what she thought it was gone got knocked the fuck out lmao but all jokes aside i hope she learns from this and open her eyes to realization tht a moment of fame isnt ever worth anyones diginity and in her case she now has to live wit being a bully to a senior citizen and getting upper cut like a mortal combat how i loved tht game sega genesis

  • Nesha - 9 years ago

    She's not a child, she is a twenty sonething year old hoodrat. She deserved that uppercut, good for her ass

  • Anthony - 9 years ago

    You know, I don't agree with the bus driver's actions but before cameras, this story would have never made it to corporate. It would have just gone down as a ghetto episode. Street justice- video and surveillance have society in a different place when it comes to behavior.

  • In the D - 9 years ago

    Too often we as females think we are entitled to a free pass. Say whatever, do whatever!
    For all the folks that shouted " that's a female, don't put your hands on her"
    Where were they when this female was verbally assaulting this man, and then escalated it to physical contact? Why didn't those same folks let her know you’re a young lady act like one? Have a little respect this grown man doing his job.
    Did he cross the line by even exchanging words with her to begin with, probably? But, We weren't there so we really don't know. Bottom line, you can't push people to the edge and expect for them to just walk away, just because we are women. And please don't turn this into some slant on domestic violence and asking for it. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything this is just another sad reflection of the overall violence in our society, when anyone can use our public transportation system, and belittle it workers without justification. This is an unfortunate incident, and this man will probably lose his job and his livelihood because of the wholly inappropriate conduct of this woman. I would find it hard to believe that this was her first time pulling a stunt like this. And what gall to spit in somebody's face. That was worse that her swinging on him. At the end of the day, it looks to me like a big mouth bully met her match.

  • Lonepoet - 9 years ago

    Hell yes, she spit on the dudes face... That's like slaping someone in the face with a glove... Even when it was fashionable to do that back in the day there was a dual afterward... somebody had to go...

  • John - 9 years ago

    If you spit in someone's face and grab them around the throat while they are driving a bus you deserve to get knocked on your ass.I wish one of the passenger's would have done it for him.

  • l clark - 9 years ago

    It made me feel so good to see that i played it over and over again being that I am bus operator
    that is out on assault . after a male passenger spit ALL OVER MY FACE. I MEAN SATURATED MY FACE WITH SPIT. I have notice that alot of the assaults are by our younger
    generation. what has happen to this younger generation. Iam a female and I feel he did what alot bus operators across the country think about doing.

  • tbrown - 9 years ago

    Wow, reading these comments and it is sad that most feel she had it coming. We all get to a point of exploding but as a driver, i am pretty sure he has dealt with worse. His conduct is not acceptable regardless if it was a young girl, boy, man or woman. He could have pushed her off the bus, didn't have to hit her like that.

  • May - 9 years ago

    I don't feel that this woman was the subject of an assault, I feel she just got the beating her parents should have given her along time ago. Maybe now she has learned not to spit on anyone, kept her hands to herself and "Respect Her Elders".

  • Eric - 9 years ago

    This is one of those times when nothing but a smack upside the head will get the results you need. Common respect wasn't working, common sense wasn't in play and the girl assualted the man. There comes a point in human emotions when violence is the last option. Hit someone and you can expect to be hit back. Act like a fool and you get treated like one. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Symantha - 9 years ago

    She may have been a teen age girl, but he is an old man. That is what is wrong with todays youth they think they can do whatever they want and there will be no consequences. Well she'll think twice before hitting someone ever again! By her hitting the bus driver she also put everyone else's lives in jeopardy that was on that bus or on the road because he could of had an accident or hit a pedestrian.

  • Snuck - 9 years ago

    You know I also agree with everything the 1st woman comments on the dude. He Is no real man to keep going back & forth with the young female. " Simple kick her off the bus".... Dude...

  • Irene - 9 years ago

    I hate most of these comments because people are saying that he was right but we was not. For one as a grown man you should not be fussing back in forth with a female no matter how heated she is because if he didn't argue with her it wouldn't have got that far. Second, he is a man for Christ sake. He shouldn't have hit her at all. He is a MAN. He could have handled that situation better. I admit that she was in the wrong but he could have simply solved the situation by not arguing. I hate the fact that men feel the need to argue back and forth with females, it seriously make you look like a female instead of a man like you should be. I feel as though men know that they have a upper hand over females with strength so why hit a women. Anyone who believe this man is right is extremely stupid and should reconsider their morals

  • ED - 9 years ago

    I guess he did the wrong thing by not calling the cops and have them beat up this girl for him, they have the licence to do it with out get it in trouble. and he still could have his job and she still could got what she deserve.

  • Ron Mac - 9 years ago

    It's sad to say,but I feel the Bus Driver was 35% wrong. He was very unprofessional for going back and forth with the young lady,that's why I say 35%.If he called for help,without confronting her,his actions would have been justified.I've been a Bus Operator for 24 years (N.Y.Transit, D.C.Metro, ATL.Marta,)etc,etc......When angry passengers speaks to me bad,I always smile and ask them what I can do to make their trip better for them,or in the future Respect always follow, that's the difference between a bus driver and Bus Operator. P.S. I hope both parties have learned from this incident, and the public too,Keep Your Hands To Yourself !!!!!!

  • Dexter - 9 years ago

    on a side note...
    shes not a teenage girl, she was interviewed by local news and she stated that shes 25

  • JACQUE - 9 years ago


  • Nathan - 9 years ago

    The author of this artical is either blind, or just some fool who thinks women can run over men without getting knocked the f*ck out! This man has grandkids! The author must not have grandparents?? Why Should it be okay for her to assault grandpa?? It's a tough job holding in anger and aggression when you're thying to keep your job, but she crossed the line. Hope she learned from this

  • Davo - 9 years ago

    Bus drivers despicable actions were wrong morally and by law, he had no right attacking the woman with such unreasonable force, he is physically superior and his bodily integrity was not in danger (no self-defense). Eventually he had bruised knuckles and she probably ended up with a broken jaw.
    All I see here are sexually frustrated dorks.

  • Renee - 9 years ago

    Some time we do ask for it but i would have put her in the system ( jail ) two wrongs don't make it right

  • A - 9 years ago

    Can anyone else tell that the writer of the article is a Liberal?

  • Ash - 9 years ago

    Age doesn't matter, grown is grown and she put her hands on him first. A worker or not once someone physically touches you that doesn't matter. Yes he should have thought twice before hitting her like that and pushing her off the bus because he then jeopardized his job. He should have simply just put her off of his bus or called the police.

  • Cynthia - 9 years ago

    Serves her right! I bet she'll think twice about her actions next time.

  • Chris - 9 years ago

    It's people like the writer of this article that make me sick, not the actions of the bus driver knocking some sense into this bratty, belligerent girl. She ran her mouth, talked with complete filth, and put her hands on the driver. In any other country, she would have had the living @#$ beat out of her, and I'm over bleeding heart sympathists that have made it impossible to do anything or stand up for anything in this country without prosecution. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, she attacked the old man, he stood up and dropped her #@%. Its that short, sweet, and simple. And to the writer, I find it pathetic for you to attack anyones "character" based on them supporting the bus driver or finding humor in this young girl getting a wake up call for her actions. I dont know what bubble-world you grew up in but thats not how a functional society works. You DONT get to just do and say whatever the hell you want without consequence no matter how much new-age thinking would like you to believe you should be able to. I'd say your extensive ivy-league education could/would be put to much better use than weak-minded, rhetorical articles such as this. Good day.

  • tameira - 9 years ago

    If she wana act and fight like a man she deserve ta b treated lik a man like the bus driver stated. Spitting on someone is the MOST DISRESPECTFUL thing u could do to someone. She got what she deserved

  • brian - 9 years ago

    Not saying I would have ever reacted the way the bus driver did, but is it not clear cut assult and harrasment on the part of the woman? We live in a country where we fight for equal rights every day and then somehow we want to absolve this female from verbally assaulting and then physically assaulting a public worker? Proper course of action would have been to call the police on the beligerent youth, but lets not make it out to be that she was a 14year old on a school bus. I don't agree with violence towards women, but why do we diferentiate when its a woman striking a man?

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