Do you think police used excessive force on the man?

  • Dana - 9 years ago

    I'm sorry, but this is not excessive force. When a person is detained and placed under arrest and they do not comply with legal commands, then police have the authority to use physical force to make the arrest. What are supposed to do when an arrest situation occurs and a person will not cooperate? Plead and beg them to cooperate?

  • Big C - 9 years ago

    They do not fear,so they do what they wish. Until the public stands together as they do change will not come. We say we are one naaion under God,so why don't we act like it. Together we stand,divided we fall lets stand together. God Bless

  • Joshua Bolton - 9 years ago

    The 2nd Militia of the southern states will be heading up to nyc in 2 days..any officers seen harrasing and/or using excessive force will be detained and held for the full amount time allowed by law (30 days) before being released into the custody of new york city. Enough is enough people.. We the people will not stand for these things happening any longer.

  • Shuntel Gillians - 9 years ago

    What in the world. That is a shame. Honestly those two officers should be fired. Jesus do not like ugly though and they will get that mess back. The video was a disgrace and down right shameful. The police are suppose to protect and serve the public. However with mess like that it is no wonder people can not stand the police. I feel really bad for the man and he should press charges against those police officers, perhaps even sue the department for what ever it is worth. Shame on them and then to find out he had permission to be in the center um um um terrible. Not to mention the man officer who was acting like he was in a boxing ring some where I mean come on what type of law enforcement officer is he to take that type of position I know they are taught way to restrain the people if need be not beat the hell out of them. Oh and a lot of those polices look like they need to go on a diet to many donuts or something. Sad is all I can say.

  • George H Merrida 111 - 9 years ago

    The city should be embarrassed to have too officers like them on the city police force. And when Police officers are supposed to protective serve the public and not beat the hell out them. every time this happen the city's always try to find a way to justify what happened.
    This is one of the reason I don't like cops anyways. because they have a certain cockyiness about themselves 'I have only seen it too many times.
    It's obvious Both of the police officer are lacking people skills and don't know how to defuse situations therefor should not be able to work in the public again that's number 1
    As for as the officer that Brutally Beaten the man' like he was in a boxing ring.
    He Should be fired for obsessive unnecessary force, It Also should be investigated opening for all his pass arresting cases lookina for other obsessive force. number 2
    As for the woman officer she is just as guilty as he is' and should be fired along for not stopping the other officer. number 3

  • Kerry - 9 years ago

    This is UNACCEPTABLE! There was NO reason at all for Law Enforcement to use that much force. No need for the brutal beating. Those officers should be ashamed of themselves. They have sworn to uphold the laws not break them. Law Enforcement SHOULD SET THE STANDARD. In this video it tells me that Law Enforcement in New York wants their citizens to act this way so they can. This is just shameful.

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