Do you think employers, such as the Koch Brothers, should be allowed to "persuade" employees on how to vote?


  • Lady - 11 years ago

    Just in case everyone has forgotten Noah's son's and their wives replenished the earth after the flood that means we are all related. I'm sure the Koch brothers won't like the fact but truth is truth. My Bible me that when you dig a ditch for someone you will be the one to fall into it. Barak Obama is anointed and appointed by God so folks need to be careful what they say and do to him. Scripture says"touch not mine anointed and do my pprophets NO HARM". IT'S dangerous to fall to the wrath of an angry God. We are all human flesh and blood, it's sad that people in the USA are so racist and full of bigotry they hate someone simply because their skin is not pink. For America to be the greatest nation, some pink skinned folks sure don't have a clue. Prejudice may be alive and well but, intelligent people are making enormous strides to live above an 18 th century mentality. Hate isn't attractive. The Koch brothers should be helping folks in need of help, instead of trying to put a knot in God's business. They may not think they will reap just what they sew but, God does not forget. Man may not be Able do anything but God can fix ANYTHING. What they are doing
    Should NEVER BE Allowed. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Intimadation and threatening people are against the law. Money should not make them untouchable.
    If anyone else did this they would have to pay.

  • Chris Smith - 11 years ago

    The Koch owned company that relies on average consumers the most is Georgia-Pacific.
    Don't buy:
    Angel Soft
    Dixie products (cups and tableware)
    Quilted Northern
    Sparkle (Paper towel)
    Vanity Fair Napkins
    Compact Tissue Dispensers
    Meals Made Great

    And Building products

    Office and home paper

  • Al Smith - 11 years ago

    The way we the people can get a message to the Kock brothers. Everyone should stop buying anything that they make. This is a way to get there anttention by taking money out of there pockets. So who ever read this pass it on and we will get the message to them.

  • Ingga - 11 years ago

    It's like intimidating your employees "if you vote for Obama this year you may not have a job in the very near future " wow they're no better than 1950's mobsters threatening blue collar workers.

  • Alandra - 11 years ago

    They are crooks and I agree with William, they should be brought to justice, and behavior such this should be outlawed!! A person shouldn't be scared to voice their opinion of elected officials, jobs being threaten, voter id laws to keep young, senior, and minority votes out!! Never thought I'd see this in my lifetime and I'm only 28. We might as well brand the 666 in our heads now! Where as I agree with Phoebe, cause that's what the Bible teaches us...
    If the Republican party won't work with our president to help the middle class families then they can't relate to us or need our vote. Were part of that 47% right Romney!? We're meaningless, absolutely nothings to the Republican party, especially in my state. Where my own elected official (who shall remain nameless) is more worried about making the president (that I voted for) a one term president vs. making Kentucky a better place to live, work, and raise a family. It's sick to think that most things we're able to do today we're taking for granted, while our ancestors believed in it so much they fought and died for it. So we could have this chance!

  • Harry - 11 years ago

    We are not building a better country of people we are building a better more successful rich class to control every thing. We are not worhing together we are being divided to the point that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. And there will be nothing left for anyone. Greed will be the down fall of this country if the republican party don't work at how to solve our nations problem with the other parties.

  • Phoebe Denson - 11 years ago

    I think it is the best they can do.. You see when people know that their lies can't help they go after peoples livily hood. They always told me the unjust will be justified.. What was first shall be last an what was last shall be first.. It's a sahame when you do anything to when.. GOD HAS ANOTHER PLAN. We need to be ready fro this one because it's going to a BIG one... If Humans can look beyond the word "BLACK" "WHITE" we would all be better. WE should look at the word "PEOPLE" that is what it takes to make up this world of many races.

  • William - 11 years ago

    This is the normal behavior of Czars. The 10% have recorded profit for the last 30 that's spelled thirty years while their employees and the raises they've gotten have made their income decline which are record facts. When you threaten the lively hood of your employees you have poisoned the political process and will divide. Early polling have caused their vulgarity to increase on top of gerrymandering every two years or restrict voters access. And you think they plan to be fair after you submit more, they should be charged with extortion.

  • James L Smith - 11 years ago

    The Koch brothers are modern day racists using there money to try and keep a black President from getting reelected nothing has changed in America other than another way to skin a cat

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