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  • Mike Hawk - 10 years ago


  • Westin Niles - 10 years ago

    The way this went down. You wouldn't of been able to get me off of her. We would be going to a funeral right now.

  • Lee Lee - 10 years ago

    Folks on here are ignorant as hell. If that were a white bus driver everybody would have been up in arms about how he should have disengaged. If it were a cop folks would have screamed police brutality. Because she was a sassy black female who crossed the line and a black male, were okay with it. We as a people have to get more intelligent and think in a more just fashion than this. This is why young folks are way out of line because the older folks just dont get it. That driver was way out of line before he punched her. He said she needed to be sliced and called her a bitch several times. He then uppercutted her like he was Mike Tyson and then beat on her and choked her. Your an animal if you truly believe thats ok.

  • Maximus Monroe - 10 years ago

    Agree 100 percent with the bus driver an not with the author it is always a mans job to show restraint but when the situation lacks all common sense an reasoning has left the building long ago the man is just trying to drive the bus if she can curse him out this that or what ever while she should have been looking for change she's being over aggressive and slowing up his route other people have to get to work to he's in his seat and supposed to be subjected to a verbal lashing of some body having a bad day or who just doesn't care for her elders a man working or anybody else with a schedule on the bus yall need to leave that man ALONE let him work KEEP up the good work mr. bus driver so the next upset person who comes on the bus its ok to put your hands on who ever you feel? I don't think so pay and sit down or keep it moving

  • michele - 10 years ago

    I am totally on the bus driver side. I do not believe a man should fight a woman BUT she was only a woman until she step out of her staus of womanhood and spit and hit him, than she no longer was a lady / woman she become a person who got her ass beat due to her un-called for actions. Acting as jungle wild as she did, who knows what disease her spit may have contained.

  • Claudia - 10 years ago

    I believe that this accident was a mass. If you don't want anybody to disrespect you, so keep your hands to yourself all the time. If doesn't matter if you are a male or female if yopu provockes someone you will get what you want like this lady acting out of control. In my opinion both are respomsibles and must abide by the consequences

  • Claudia - 10 years ago

    I believe that this accident was a mass. If you don't want anybody to disrespect you, so keep your hands to yourself all the time. If doesn't matter if you are a male or female if yopu provockes someone you will get what you want like this lady acting out of control. In my opinion both are respomsibles and must abide by the consequences

  • brandon lanes - 10 years ago

    Well I feel the editor lives in a yuppy part of the city and probably doesn't understand how hoodlums act. They are not only disrespectful but they don't know when to shut up nor will they shut up or comply with anything authority says. The bus driver has a schedule to follow, deals with low life personalities everyday, and believe it or not every situation CAN'T be "disengaged". Some people just like confrontation and look for it. Also where was the driver going to go to avoid this person yelling obscenities and spat on him?!? I feel anyone that is totally against the driver is ignorant and doesn't understand. I do agree hitting anyone female or male should be last resort, but when she "punched" him not pushed, she got what she deserved. Oh and now you are "going to get my Bf to come be your ass!" Really b**** how stupid can you be? You gonna get your Bf hurt badly because that old will probably uppercut him too! Lol.

  • Niesy - 10 years ago

    I find it very easy to sit and write about this incident when it was not us that got spit on and pushed!! I would have done the same thing the bus driver did!! Violence of any kind against anybody is wrong but I do believe in defending yourself!! The passenger should have paid her fare just like everybody else!! Seems to me as if she was searching for trouble!

  • Jackie Brown - 10 years ago

    Part of me feel him. And understand. I use to drive a Bus. I quit because we are always being cussed out. And most say they will cut you. And or do other bodily harm. And we have no protection. Our employers are of no help. They say its part of the job. Deal with it!!!!

  • Mike - 10 years ago

    Looking at this clip in the beginning i saw something I've seen too many times a smart mouth girl with a nasty attitude it really makes our women look bad and that's how they're portraid hopefully she has learned when to shutup from this but I still think he is dead wrong if he had to touch her period it should've just been putting her off the bus cause I would not want to listen to somebody run there mouth till the police got there and I'm sure she would've just got smarter by the second it reminded me of "when keeping it real goes wrong"on Dave Chapelle

  • Joel A Lee - 10 years ago

    Too many folks get on buses with attitude because they have to ride if that's the case walk and to many of us folks of color dont like to see another doing good for ourselves if you want change look at yourself not the driver!!!!!!! Many folks of color have attitudes any way if you wanna ride the bus have your money ready sit down and shut up it is not the driver job to know where you are going if you can take your but to the club you can find your way to where ever it is you are going if not stay home you go the same way everyday Read the sign and sit down Bus Operator drive brother drive you you should not have to put up with the BS!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous - 10 years ago

    A man should never lay his hands on a woman if his life isn't threatened he should of just asked her to leave like a normal human being, instead of hitting her like he wanted to destroy her.

  • Susan Mar - 10 years ago

    The fact is ,two wrongs don't make a right.The young lady's actions were totally uncalled for and so were the driver's.It appears that some people go all out of their way to get into a confrontation with some one.We all need to have some behavior,especially when we area in the public's eye.I hope this disgraceful incident will not just be entertainment ,but rather a lesson what not to do when you go out.

  • derek - 10 years ago

    She spit on him thats assault for a reason. You dont cross that yellow line. Anyone who rides a bus knows this. U dont spit or put your hands on a public servant. Never. U touch a cop you might get slammed to the ground. Common sense. If you fuck with a bee hive u might get stung. You know why no one stepped in? Because theyre soft, just like u guys. Give me a break. Its unfortunate, but very situational. I bet she wont spit on a anyone again.

  • dallas - 10 years ago

    There have been many cases where a person steps in or tries to defuse a situation and ends up being a victim themselves. I agree we all sholud try to be a voice of reason , but our own safety is first. When flying the safety brief always tell you to put on your mask before helping others with theirs. The young lady was clearly out of order she put the safety of all the passenger in harms way by the driver destacting if she had been on a plane acting that way she could have been shot by air marshals.

  • Kathy - 10 years ago

    I live in DC and work in Virginia and do not have a car so I have to rely on public transportation to get any where I have to go. I have seen young people disrespect the bus driver all the time and there have been fights on the bus, but never between the driver and the passenger. In my opinion regardless of what she did or said he should have pulled the bus over and asked her to leave the bus and if she didn't comply he should have called the police and let them remove her he should have never hit her period that was wrong on so many levels he is supposed to be professional at all times and he should be fired period .

  • james mucker .jr - 10 years ago

    i drove for tarc a public transit company here in louisville ky and i have seen drivers get spit on hit liquids trown on them threatened and a lots of other things by women men young girls & boys so i can understand how this brother and fellow driver felt but as professionals we have to try to handle sittuations in a professional manner you are right to we must try not to engage in violence there is always a solution to my brother driver we are people who are put on the spot because people look up on us as setting an example as a professional but i hope that things work out for you and you have my blessings

  • Jeremiah - 10 years ago

    First I want to say steping between to people in an altercation is not only dangerous but stupid all it takes is for one person to throw a blow hit you and now your getting stepped while the fight proceeds if seen it happen countless times. Furthermore when you attack a defensless person which is what the bus driver was by spitting or hitting them not only do you put everybodies lives on the bus at risk but also everybody on the road that day. The second you put someones life in danger the mentality of that person changes I'm not saying you hit that person but right after he hit her he grabbed her to throw her of the bus something he would not have had to do if I was on the bus it would have been done for him.

  • Fama - 10 years ago

    I totally agree with the editor! So funny how there was time to actually sit and record the video and partially entertain the nonsense that was going on by laughing out loud. One conclusion be it verbal or physical assault people are somehow amused by it...smh The bus passenger would have shut her mouth had the driver disengage himself from the verbal altercation and on the otherhand the young lady is very direspectful with a NASTY mouth.

  • Ralph - 10 years ago

    I have had this conversation about self control many times, and each time it was easy for the person to say what a person should have done unless they are in their place. To begin with she did spit on him, and regardless if he was older, or bigger the fact is the younger more weaker female knew also that she was younger and smaller and once she spit on him the rules changed, I have a daughter and I have always told her dont ever hit a man but protect yourself from him in necessary and I will be there to back you up. So yeah she had it coming!!

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