All things being equal, how would you prefer the Milwaukee Brewers spend their money this off-season?


  • Jolene Fritz - 10 years ago

    Please just concentrate on pitching!!!

  • Pops Monson - 10 years ago

    Considering Hamiltons past issues, and this seasons, and the fact that the Brewers went on their hot streak without Grienke, I'd rather see them bring in some SP of a "cheaper" caliber.
    I love Grienke, but I don't love spending money. I'd much rather spend $100 million on 2-3 pitchers, than put all that money into a guy who plays once every 5 days barring injury.
    But that's just me, I love small markets. I'd much rather build a team like the A's and O's of this year, then shelve out $100+ million on 1 guy.
    Not my style. And I just realized I've been rambling...

  • Jason - 10 years ago

    The poll voters are idiots. Hamilton is another Jeffrey Hammonds (injury prone with off-field issues). Greinke would cost 1/5 of the payroll. Bullpen help is the easiest to find. Any of the AAA starters could be bullpen help. Innings eaters are what the team needs.

  • Brewer Nation - 10 years ago

    This was meant just to differentiate between the options discussed on Twitter. Not meant as an all-inclusive off-season plan.

    Thanks for the comment!

  • Ty Liskai - 10 years ago

    Stephen Drew should be an option would be a great pick up.

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