Who has been your favorite moderator so far?

  • shakingmyhead - 9 years ago

    Oh Boy, another republican that can't see through Romney's lies. Where is your fact checker.

  • Frugalone - 9 years ago

    I don't think the moderator should be able to choose the questions and also comment on the answers. She got it wrong on Libya. Obama lied about lowering taxes on the middle class and businesses. Obama got his facts wrong about oil production in the US, he lied about Bain Capital and Romney sending jobs overseas. Obama did not say what he was going to do to get the economy going again...Romney did. Obama lied about the 5 trillion and 2 trillion that Romney would create if he lowered taxes on the middle class. If you close loopholes on upper income taxpayers and lower tax rates you still come out ahead. If you create private industry jobs more revenue is collected..thereby bringing down the debt if you get rid of waste.

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