Which factor(s) are most important in explaining the PP?


  • Therese Francisco - 6 years ago

    There is a line in 'Wicked'. "If that is love it comes at much to high a cost". Women want to be liked-loved-and accepted by men. Men are threatened by being outranked by women and withhold friendship and love from women who rise. So many woman 'stand down' and settle for less. Women value acceptance over power. I hold religions responsible for this.

  • Anon - 6 years ago

    @Luke - evidence?

  • Luke - 6 years ago

    Actually, women get enormous bias in their favor in the workplace. From sex-based affirmative action to favoritism if pretty and still young (

  • Caldwell Hahn - 9 years ago

    You should ask gender and age of poll takers so you can analyze results examining whether those factors make a difference. Also., perhaps , field.
    PP is a very interesting concept.

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