Which music album has emerged as winner here?

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  • AKHTAR NAWAZ - 7 years ago


  • imm - 7 years ago

    srk rocks lovely songs all all a;ll

  • sing is king - 7 years ago

    songs of jthj have melody depth in poetry with wonderful music . jthj will surely rock

  • saurab - 7 years ago

    from nepal ... SOS... not for gay SRK!!!

  • asmita - 7 years ago

    salman ke land me itni chul kyun mach rahi hai, srk rocks, dar ke mare salman ke land se pani nikal raha hoga

  • tum hara paap - 7 years ago

    sos is great album and jthj is a comedy with every listner ar is some kind of foolish what means of saans is he giving cpr .challa apna ghar chala .nons ar . himesh rocks always

  • raj - 7 years ago

    sos all song super hit

    and jab tak hai jaan only one song hit

    so sos

  • Dipak - 7 years ago

    The songs of Ajay's SOS are rocks. There are so popular in masses. However SRK's JTHJ songs are below average. The biggies AR Rehmaan & Gulzaar fails to bring quality songs. So Son Of Sardaar rocks.

  • salim - 7 years ago

    king khan from "saan" song....jthj

  • salim - 7 years ago

    king khan jab tak hai jaan....challa..song

  • salim - 7 years ago

    king khan jab tak hai jaan....chall ..song

  • darshak - 7 years ago

    both music album are average but if we compare jab tak hai jaan has slightly winning edge considering the situation and picturisation of the movie .. i think it will work in videos more rather then stand alone music.. where as sos music will be played more in parties... but to me jthj is winner..............

  • manish - 7 years ago

    challa song great and only one song youth and rock song great lyrics and Rabbi di aawaj da jaadu Remaan good music mera pure alubm me favorit song .compare tha son of sardar bichdan is song great and nice.Raja Rani is great song sing by mika and honny sing .po po enjoybal song and another chart buster song .son of sarder great music compare jthj.

  • SUBHENDU DAS - 7 years ago

    Son Of Sardar Songs is allways rocks.........&.........Himesh is All time best ever & ever & ever........He is win best music for (Son of sardar),(Dangerous Ishq).

  • ashish bairwa - 7 years ago

    SOS Music Rocks | HR Rocks

  • Jimit Thakkar - 7 years ago

    srk always rock..& this time also dhamal..srk romance apane baap ke baapo se sikhake aaya he...
    jthj all the best for breck all records...

  • Bhaumin Thakkar - 7 years ago

    i think sos's songs is good..but jthj's songs is very very good..nice..& specially challa & muje saans is dhamakedar...
    so jthj will breck all record 100%

  • kashif.ansari - 7 years ago

    srk always great bos there is no compreason betwen jthj and sos.jthj seems like bigest hit of life time.every thing is perfact.

  • kashif.ansari - 7 years ago

    srk always great bos there is no compreason betwen jthj and sos.jthj seems like bigest hit of life time.every thing is perfact.

  • sachin - 7 years ago

    JTHJ is music is below par. Lots expected frm AR & Gulzar combo but it fails. Besides SOS songs are too good . Its PEPPY . chartbusters............. Sry AR..........

  • rahul - 7 years ago

    SON OF SARDAAR gonna rock this diwali
    grt grt composition of SOS

  • yogi - 7 years ago

    don't compare himesh with rahman,himesh compose from heart not like rahman(who and cut paste so many songs from other album,and other thing the songs of jab tak hey jana it's below avg,we expected alot but it's not even good when compared to himesh's "SON OF SARDAR" ,SON OF SARADAR songs are good ,ok,don't campare himesh with that rahman,he as hands of "GOD" that's y he won so many awards that's it

  • Satish singh - 7 years ago

    Where there is srk,there is music.
    Srk and music has a great combination.
    Srk always rocks.
    JTHJ will be highest grosser movies till srk next.
    I salute you MR. srk and lastly,
    if acting is a religion then srk is god of this.
    I wish Aapko meri age ka kuch part mil jaye.
    Find me on twitter as @romantic_satish

  • diehardHRfanatic - 7 years ago

    Himesh Reshammiya Rwak, Ajay Devgn Rwak, Son Of Sardaar Rwak

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