Should the death penalty be abolished?

  • kiedfjuitgre - 6 years ago

    happy 420

  • Anthony Bates - 7 years ago

    Amazing how some neocons don't mind collateral damage as long as they or their loved ones are not effected.

  • Yolanda - 8 years ago

    No child deserves to be put to death especially the innocent I pray that there is a special place in HELL for all that played apart in the death of that child!!!!!

  • Brendan - 10 years ago

    A life for a life. I could go kill 5 people right now and be put in jail for 30 years, then be released and do it again. Don't kill without proof, however once evidence or definite proof is obtained, kill them. In the most inhumane torturous way possible. The child should've been out into jail until he was say... 50? Then you would assume he would learn, however most do not learn. We do not use the electric chair today as we use lethal injections but we use them to protect others. Should we have killed Osama bin laden? YES! AND WE DID! We saved lives and innocent ones to be exact. We do it to protect the innocent and cleanse the world of those distorted. Maybe those will recurve another chance and will be reincarnated but nobody knows for sure and nobody probably will, so for now, stick with it. Instead why not abolish the stupid fake welfare crap allowing high school drop outs to sit around and play Xbox all day huh? Doesn't it seem as though that would save a lot of money? Well that's about a thousand characters, I think I've made my point


  • Terry Keith - 10 years ago

    Elston Hill you would not qualify for the death penalty, because clearly you are functionally illiterate.

  • Elston Hill - 10 years ago

    Quit leaving people on Death Row for years, that's why it costs so much. No system is perfect, but you have to have deterent for those who don't find incarsaration a true deterent. Beltway shooter, colinbine, child sex predators, etc... I don't ever want back out in society and don't want to pay for their incarsaration for the rest of their natrual lives. Flip the switch!

  • James Williams - 10 years ago

    I would hope that he was'nt put to death for no reason at all. Now on the other hand, what do we do with a person that take a gun, for no good reason at all and walks up behind a person and shoots them in the head because they are in the wrong area or because they want to make a name for themselves. I believe that a man that takes a life should give up one, and I don't care what color they are. Sure we have put a few people to death that were innocent, but that kind of thing happen, like in a war. Now some people with these bleeding heart would have us think that these people are killing theirself. Keep in mind too, that it cost a lot of money to keep these people housed. I say, 'you kill someone for no reason, we take your life.

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