Who would you like to see leave the show?


  • jazzyjo - 11 years ago

    Jackie is nutty as all outdoors but she does keep the show a little spicey. Laura is just as crazy as Jackie. Bambi has no place on the show at all. I'm not really sure why she's there in the first place. She's a friend to one of the main characters. Brooke opens her mouth and I want to stick my foot in it. Gloria is a nut case. The only real people on the show are Malaysia and Draya. Get some new interesting REAL wives on the show. Get some black women that are not going to get on live tv and make fools out of themselves. Sure we all like to watch the catfights every now and than but its really degrading to black women. These women have everything and are miserable. I say clean house. Get some women on there like, Kobe Bryant's wife(ex), Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird put some white women on there too. let them make fools out of themselves along with the sisters. You have a good thing here make it work. I'm behind you all the way.

  • derel - 11 years ago

    When these women (Laura) can't talk about/include thier husbands, we do not see real story. Also, Christie is a mess as is Laura. Creepy. bambi is FUGLY and Brroke is a WHALE. Both should go.

    Maybe LA BBW should just be trashed.

  • sweet P - 11 years ago

    Its time for Jackie Christie to leave BBWLA. She's boring, messy and crazy as a shot possum. She clearly has mental issues that need professional attention ASAP!!!! Laura Govan is messy, weird and a bad influence because she's a snake out of the grass. The two new ladies can go on to the left also. They're not interesting enough. Gloria, Draya and Malaysia need to spice things up or they should be replaced. The show isn't interesting enough.

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