Which is your preferred way to make this rip cut?

  • Bruce Mac - 9 years ago

    Not enough info. It all depends on the length of the rip cut, the thickness of the cut, the intended purpose, type of wood, where done, etc. Many rip methods mentioned may work but some probably better than others. I most often rip with a table saw, but for thicker pieces I'll use a band saw. For short rips in a longer board, I often use a jigsaw.

  • Eric R - 9 years ago

    Jim has a good view.
    It depends on where you are and however is the easiest and safest way to do it.
    Optimally, the tables saw is the way to go I think.

  • Jim Sachleben - 9 years ago

    Depends on where you are when the cut has to be made. If you are on site and don't have a table saw then what ever gets the job done is the best way.

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