Should Lance Armstrong have lost his titles?


  • Jack Lee - 9 years ago

    LIVE. LEARN. AND FORGIVE. Livestrong.

  • Lance Armstrong's Father - 11 years ago

    I'm Lances father and that no good son of a bitch son of mine didn't give me any of his dirty money so he can go jump. I hope he rots to hell in his prison cell once all those people he's conned have got their money back and he's sent down for perjury. Then me and his mom will write a book about the little critter and make a ton of money!!! The great lord Jesus never pays his debts in money son!!!!!!! LMFAO

  • muhfuggin lance armstrong jr - 11 years ago


  • BBlair - 11 years ago

    In Tuesday's The News Journal Sports section (Newark, DE) there's an excellent commentary which explains in detail the situation concerning Lance Armstrong. I sat, enthralled, as I watched him cycle into sport history winning the 7 Tour de France competitions. Admittedly, he owes me nothing personally. However, I am dismayed that his strength of will, determination, and drive to succeed cannot be held up to our young people for emulation because of the stain/disgrace of drug abuse. My decision is to pray for his acceptance of this reality and that he will re-discover his inner courage to face up to and recover from this devastating fall from glory. I wish him well as he moves forward in his life.
    Drug addiction/abuse is a foul element that destroys lives.

  • PPP - 11 years ago

    John K Howell - He got away with it because it was not possible to test for EPO until late on in his career. No drugs in any sport can be tested for if they are unknown!!!! Read up before you start protecting the unprotectable!!

  • me - 11 years ago

    If they are going to go after anyone who has done something memorable in sports, such as win the Tour de France seven times, Michael Phelps had better watch himself. I think this is one of the times where you must take the man at his word.

  • john k howell - 11 years ago

    Why did it take him winning 7 titles before something had to be done?

  • Scott - 11 years ago

    Weasel... Yes, I have read numerous documents from their report. Where does it say he FAILED a test during his 7 Tour wins? Sure, they talk about how things look questionable. So-and-so said this or saw that. But they administered the tests and he passed them, according to their rules. If they dig this deep into every cyclist on the Tour, they could likely ban most, if not every, one of them. Why do people insist on making Lance into something like a hardcore meth head?

  • Robert D. - 11 years ago

    I'm really tired of this argument that it was a level playing field. The extent of doping in the U.S. Postal Service team (including transfusions) went well beyond what other competitors were doing. Before Armstrong started doping, he was known as a terrific road racer but was a mediocre mountain climber who had no chance of winning a single Tour de France, where mountains are key. Before he doped, the best finish he could achieve was 36th place, an hour and a half behind the winner. So if the playing field was level, there's no way Armstrong would have won even ONCE. There are other races over flat terrain that he could have won, and did, but not the Tour de France. If Lance Armstrong had raced against Greg LeMond in his prime, LeMond would have SMOKED him, and he knows it. (By the way, those who are so concerned about the waste of government funds should ask the U.S. Postal Service for their money back. USPS spent $60 million in sponsorship funds on Armstrong's team according to estimates. That's a heck of a lot more than the USADA spent, and it all went to support a drug conspiracy. Talk about a scandal....)

  • J Becker - 11 years ago

    I have and always will stand by Lance Armstrong. In regards to the scandal going on right now with USADA and the final response from the UCI. I still don't think it was a fair assessment. All we know is what people have said that happened. We don't know the other side of the story. Lance Armstrong decided not to share the other side of the story for his personal reasons. I don't think it's fair to judge him for that decision. Is it possible he doped/cheated sure its possible. Do I think he did no I don't personally. But even if he did, he found a way to get by the system without being caught. Considering that EVERYONE was cheating and doping at the time we don't know who was clean (Taking Lance out of this part). I don't think it's right for him to be stripped of his titles. I think that this entire scandal is actually going to ruin the sport of cycling. I don't think it's going to help. Cycling has already lost a major sponsor. It won't surprise me if more companies drop like flies. These teams can't survive without big name sponsors. If anyone needs to take the blame I point my finger at USADA. I really feel they could have better spent my tax dollars on something more important then fighting something from the past.

  • Weasel - 11 years ago

    I forgot to add : liar, liar lance on fire!

  • Weasel - 11 years ago

    Scott and Dan, have you actually read the USADA report? You seem to be regurgitating pro-lance press releases. Ive read the report and a fair chunk of the attachments over the last few days. I'm guessing from your statements on here that you haven't read any of it. He's a cheat and a bully, and it has finally caught up with him.
    I am guessing that you have read his autobiographies....I saw that one vendor has now moved these into the fiction section.

  • PPP - 11 years ago

    To Dan the LA fan….

    Are you a survivor from Waco? You have certainly lost the plot, you're a nutter to think what you have written has any truth.

    Lord give me strength!!!!

  • pop - 11 years ago

    Well there you go Scott, we all know that assumption is the mother of all fuck ups and you've just made one because I am not you're assumed person I am "pop". You don't need to respond, i've had my say and shan't be returning to this site. I will now await his legal cases that see him go down for a long while. Have a good day.

  • Dan - 11 years ago

    I can't stand all this 'tall poppy syndrome' ... A bunch of jealous people who had it in for one of the greatest athletes in history, finally get to run away laughing, their pockets filled with medals. Lance was constantly hounded, he underwent hundreds of tests, race after race, and passed them all with flying colours. Now that a few hungry losers "told their story" and "dobbed him in", the pen clickers at the top of the tree steal his glory and spread lies to the world. This is all a huge publicity stunt, and Lance Armstrong is the scape goat of the sorry world of competitive cycling. To those people who just LOVE to see great heroes come crumbling down, you are just insecure about how your OWN life turned out, and sorry that your success story isn't as impressive. Cutting great people down is one of the easiest ways you can feel better about yourself. To all the people that have it in for the great Lance Armstrong: Clap clap clap.

  • Dan - 11 years ago

    Agian...yes he passed the test(s) but not without some help doing so (according to HIS TEAM MATES) And what kind of deals did they recieve to rat him out "bb"? He might one day say "Yes I did cheat and I am sorry" and then all of you that back him will probably say "He's lieing, he was offered a deal to say that". It's called denial people...get over it. He cheated and everyone that knew him at the time admitted to not only HIM cheating but themselves also. Some people really have blinders over the eyes I tell ya.

  • Scott - 11 years ago

    pop ... I'm assuming this is the same person making the other allegations.
    " However, the analysis was not declared positive ... being too low to warrant a positive finding. It was 0.2, when the limit after which a positive test is returned is fixed at 6."
    "Since the start of the Tour, corticoid traces have been detected in the urine of other riders. In an article with the daily newspaper L'Humanité on Tuesday July 20, Jacques de Ceaurriz, the director of the LNLD, estimated that, of the hundreds of samples taken since the prologue, "20 to 30 cases" would reveal the presence of corticoids. But the traces were below the threshold ratio of 6."

  • Casey - 11 years ago

    WOW! I woke up this morning and saw that on the news and am saddened by his cheating. For 7 years!?! He should be ashamed for stealing other peoples dreams that were not doping. I since they"re going back and re - doing tests etc. that they should go back and see who really won as well. Of course with the same advanced tests that are finding this horse crap out. Really!

  • pop - 11 years ago

    Scott, I'm not going to do your research for you but this is a statement from UCI themselves………… "During the 1999 Tour, Armstrong tested positive for Cortisone but had no medical exemption – so the team provide a backdated prescription for Cortisone cream for saddle soreness."

    Cortisone is a banned substance.

  • Scott - 11 years ago

    PPP ... Please provide your sources. If he failed the test, then he wouldn't have won the title. Doing a quick search, I find nothing that states he failed a test by the USADA during his 7 wins, only that he PASSED all of their tests.

  • PPP - 11 years ago

    Scott…. You're talking out your arse!! He FAILED drug tests, he provided samples that had banned substances. On one occasion he blamed it on saddle cream for saddle rash. Of course it had nothing to do with the $100k contribution he made to the UCI at the same time, that was just a coincidence wasn't it!!! If you are going to state from what you've read, do everyone a favour and read it correctly next time!!!

  • Gavin Hicks - 11 years ago

    REALLY REALLY hope he ends up in jail where he belongs. Bloody sociopath

  • marie horton - 11 years ago

    So, are they going to strip every cyclist in history of thier titles ??
    Le Monde ?Merx ?
    If Lance was cheating ,they all were,and probably still are !
    Makes a mockery of the sport.

  • lms - 11 years ago

    If he was able to win 7 titles without being detected someone wasn't doing there job.
    He won them, now would be the time to clean up the persons that oversee an regulate.

  • Scott - 11 years ago

    He passed every test they threw at him. Now it's a bunch of "Well, somebody said he was doping, so he must have been!" Bunch of crap. They had their chance when he was racing. Going back like this is nonsense. How did he cheat the test?? He followed their rules and passed. Allegations by teammates is not proof of doping. And Armstrong is not necessarily accused of taking drugs. There are other things like blood transfusions. From what I've read, they still have not produced evidence of his samples failing one of their tests. It's all accusations and finger pointing. Guilty until proven innocent.

  • Tor4444 - 11 years ago

    Done with that, can not belived there is still more than 30% of people who think otherwise.
    "I am a doctor, i did not pass the exams, just cheated to get my title, come let me give you a heart surgery"...........................................................................................

  • bb - 11 years ago

    Funny, no one is commenting on the deals these people that testified against him received. It's amazing what you'll say when your facing certain threats, pretty sure they would have said Santa Clause was doping too.

    Not saying he didn't dobe.. just saying a one sided story is.. one sided.

  • Rachel - 11 years ago

    Well, this certainly wasn't at all surprising. Karma has a way of biting back on people.

    Now, perhaps, this will end all of this nonsense by those who still believe Lance is innocent. Obviously, he is NOT.

  • L. Thomas - 11 years ago

    Justice is blind and this is a prime example. In my opinion, his titles should not have been taken. Of course he took medications. The guy had cancer. Perhaps he did need something to give him a competitive edge and perform at his maximum potential. At the end of the day, he still had to put in the work and train relentlessly. I sincerely believe he earned his titles through his perserverence and dedication to his craft. BTW: Stand up if you have never broken a rule or two. Second thought, never mind that's your business. I'll mind mine too. Live Strong Lance!

  • ech - 11 years ago

    I just don't understand how he can still try to deny these allegations. WHY would all his colleagues destroy they're own reputations, careers, and credibility, to turn him in? A lot of people went down behind him but I'm glad some came forward and finally told the truth, even if it ruined them professionally.

  • Mike - 11 years ago

    Well said Peter. Who cares how many tests he passed. There is a reason that these agencies hold on to the blood/urine samples for years so they can continue to retest when more technology or science to detect these cheats becomes available.

  • Dan - 11 years ago

    He passed yes...BUT he did so by cheating the test. He didnt pass fairly RJS. So what I think you are saying is that its okay to cheat as long as you dont get caught??? Are you kidding me!!!I hope you dont have any childern to teach that to. So taking the titles away is fair because he didnt earn them (under the rules given)...he had to cheat to win. Think about it.

  • Peter Perrett - 11 years ago

    RJS…. You talk crap!!! You cannot reward cheats regardless of nothing. He will now be pursued by the insurance company he took to court and swore under oath that he never took drugs. They will want their $4.7m back and rightly so. Message to Lance Armstrong……… Prepare yourself for a prison cell because thats where you will end up going!!!!! Gotta love justice!!!!

  • rjs - 11 years ago

    He passed the tests available at the time of his wins, they should stand.

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