Who won the third presidential candidates' debate on October 22, 2012?

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  • chris - 7 years ago

    I voted for Obama back in 2008. NOT voting for him this time. He hasn't done anything to help the country grow but racked in more debt. I don't want that for the next generation.

  • Joan - 7 years ago

    Obama is the only man worthy of the office of the President of the U. S. in the election of 2012. Why would anyone with any intelligence at all want Mr Romney who not only changes his positions daily, but also outright lies about everything including what he has previously said. The lies he has said about President Obama is very near a good case for treason. All these facts were very apparent Monday night.

  • Bill - 7 years ago

    The Romney who showed up for the debate last night was not the same Romney who has been on the campaign trail pandering to the exreme right wing of the Republican party. The thing that is the most disturbing is that Romney himself does not know what he really stands for. He panders to whatever group is in front of him at the time.
    I don't understand how anyone would consider Romney as a serious condidate when he lies so much and won't disclose his tax returns like every one else.
    All the Republicans want is an empty suit in the White House so they can abolish rules and regulations for big business. As their leader, Grover Norquist stated, "All we need is someone in the White House with digits to sign our bills."
    As far as the national debt goes does anyone remember George W. holding hands with the Saudis and asking for more money? Does anyone remember that tax breaks were in place during W's. term and the U. S. economy almost tanked? Does anyone remember George W. did not veto one spending bill during his two terms in office? Do the arithmatic Republican economics will not work.
    President Obama clearly won the debate and I expect him to continue to get this country back on track.

  • veryconcerned - 7 years ago

    If you want our country to be run by and for a highly successful business parasite, Romney’s your man. Romney used his silver spoon wealth to leverage buy out companies, siphon off their assets, then ship their jobs overseas.

    Romney 2012 Outsource 2013

  • LogicalOne - 7 years ago

    I just want to say how hard I am laughing at the "Mary Anne" commenter. The correct spellings are: deficit and politics. LOL. Honorable mentions to "T Thomas" who (poorly) presented and answered a question that was never asked and to "Joseph" who rambled on all the way to bayonets.

  • Tim Benson - 7 years ago

    I am an American, not much in favor of a week nation, or paying for entitlements that we can't afford. We cannot protect this Constitution or this NATION, if we are not fiscally irresponsible. The Democratic Party should rename itself, The American Socialist Party.

  • Robert - 7 years ago

    I believe Obama won this debate, but what's the advantage to winning the debate. The people of the United States already have their opinions and already know who they will be voting for. We can only hope that Mitt Romney is kept out of office. I feel I cannot trust a single word coming out of his mouth, he has flip flopped on far too many topics. We have no idea what he will do when in office if allowed. The U.S. is doing better, it just takes time. I have faith in Obama, if he was able to save us from our previous president's enormous mess then he obviously has the capability to continue improving this country. Get out and vote!!!

  • Jay - 7 years ago

    Now the ' sweat' factor scores are coming in. Romney scored 3 Nixons. For you folks to young to remember, Nixon's uncontrollable sweating during his debate, has become a gauge for failure.

  • Joseph - 7 years ago

    Fact Check.... Military still uses bayonets. You can have all the aircraft carriers, planes and subs you want. But it is the fighting warrior on the ground with fixed bayonets and big brass balls that fight for the territory and hold it.

  • Joseph - 7 years ago

    I feel that the "47%" is geared towards those who are able bodied americans that have not worked to earn there retirement or disability. The people that rely soley on handouts wait for that free check and feel it is easier to sit at home instead of doing what it takes to find whatever work is available out there. No matter how menial the job might be.

  • Jay - 7 years ago

    Obama won and gives me hope for the future with 4 more years. I have already been checking fact finders web sites. On multiple statements Romney has been given 3 Pinnochios!
    Obama also won on style and clever responses to ridiculous statements like military levels. That's the game folks. I'm early voting tomorrow!

  • Joseph - 7 years ago

    @ Julie.... Our current President has not served either. Our nation boasts a "volunteer" army. You do understand what that means, right?

  • Joseph - 7 years ago

    @Julie...Taking away the morning after pill...Lets think about this. Why not just be a responsible adult and not go to the club get hammered and have unprotected sex with anybody and take responsibility.

  • Martin - 7 years ago

    @JJ I am retired as well I guess "WE" are the 47% that Mitt disregard! However, I agree with you, President Obama was CLEAR and He WON again!

  • Martin - 7 years ago

    Obama clearly won!!! You can tell Mitt was nervous and the LIES came out of his mouth as a Double-Edge SWORD! Obama WON!!

  • T Thomas - 7 years ago

    The question to answer, are we better off now Thani was four years ago. I know for me that is no. I need a change and it is about time we let a business man do what politicians can't.

  • richard bryan - 7 years ago

    Pro- Romney, OMG = Obama Must Go, the same people who voted for Obama will vote for him again simply showing they are uneducated with this topic, yeah lets keep spending money we dont have dont forget we are paying for it.

  • Martin - 7 years ago

    Obama clearly won!!! You can tell Mitt was nervous and the LIES came out of his mouth as a Double-Edge SWORD! Obama WON!!

  • JJ - 7 years ago

    As a retired person I guess I qualify as one of the moochers that Romney referred to in his 47%, along with all the Veterans that receive Veterans benefits and every disabled person that receives any benefit from the government. Curious as to whether he counted all current and retired government workers that nurse at the federal tit. Why would I want to vote for an idiot that spews such drivel?

  • Julie - 7 years ago

    Obama! Romney will take away planned parent hood, the morning after pill, hell he'll have us back in the 60s fighting for women's rights while we're cooking dinner & cleaning the house waiting for the MAN to come home from work. I do want to know how he got away with such low taxes! Oh and how about a stipulation on being President; serve YOUR country!!!!

  • Pamela - 7 years ago

    President B. Obama WON! Chief in Commander! Mitt needs to stop repeating EVERY WORD the CONTINED PRESIDENT OF USA! Mitt is a LIAR!!!!!!

  • Kim Connolly - 7 years ago

    Please, please check the FACTS! Obama lies about everything! Silver tounge!!!! The guy is an embarrassment to the USA and clearly needs to go!

  • Zak - 7 years ago

    I personally think Romney won this, but was not as aggressive.

    For those undecided on who to vote for, the new "Obama: 2016" movie you might have heard about will definitely provide some food for thought.

    REAL food for thought by the way, it isn't another crappy "conspiracy theory" movie. Real facts are given so you can decide.

    I don't like either candidate, but Romney will prevent Obama's plan from taking place. FYI, Obama's plan is not a good one for those who live in America.

  • Mary Rychtarik - 7 years ago

    President Obama clearly won this and all the debates. Mr. Romney has been caught in so many lies during the debates. We do not need lies we need action which is what President Obama has shown us he is capable of.

  • Jonas - 7 years ago

    Obama was the clear winner and the clear choice for President one more term. Romney keeps changing his positions and I am not at all confident that he would engender international support when needed. We do not need to go back to George W Bush neocon policies.

  • Max - 7 years ago

    Poll going up 70 minutes before debate was concluded, seems legit.

  • Mary Anne - 7 years ago

    Even though I think Obama came out stronger in this debate. I do want to be clear I am a strong Romney supporter. I will vote Romney. I do not think we can do 4 more years of Obama. We need somebody who can make some tough choices to cut our deficiet. It is way too out of control. Our government needs to stop playing polotics and run our country.

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