Who won the final debate?


  • Wattsie - 10 years ago

    You can walk softly and carry a big stick thank you Mr. Romney.

  • Wattsie - 10 years ago

    I thought Obama was going to break his arm patting himself on the back in last nights debate. Mr Romney has set his plan out for all to see enough said.

  • Republican - 10 years ago

    Go Romney! Finally a Man to be proud of!

  • Democrat turned Republican - 10 years ago

    In the next weeks to come, we must pass the word on to family, co-workers, complete strangers and asked how their lives have changed under Obama. I bet there is not one person that will be able to tell you that their life is thriving.

    Lay the foundation and capitalize on all the reasons we need a change of direction in this country. I'm tired of being middle class supposedly but ready for the food stamp line. That's now how I want to live my american dream.

    Pass the word on guys. That's the only way real change is going to take place.

  • American - 10 years ago

    I used to be considered middle class and thriving until Obama took office, now not only myself but many others are jobless and desperate to have a President who will help us and make the changes this country not only needs but deserves. I need a decent job and I need better health care. Romney is willing to make the right choices and changes to help us individually and as a whole country. Obama doesnt have any idea what the right changes actually mean. Obama must go and Romney must become our new President!!!

  • Democrat turned Republican - 10 years ago

    Maurice -

    Our country does need a new path but are enough people going to wake up and smell the coffee? I can only pray because it's hard to imagine another 4 years of this. I have my own business as does my neighbor and under Obama, we are making 1/2 of what we made before he was elected and that was even during the cold war!

    California is a democratic state but I hope that people are fed up enough to make a change. I'm ready for a change, are you?

  • Sally - 10 years ago

    Obama is always on the attack. Romney has laid out a clear plan and agenda on how to turn this great country around. We need a strong leader who is always on the side of peace and prosperity for everyone.

  • Maurice - 10 years ago

    I cant help but think Obama did nothing he told us he would that matters to our economy.How could he ever be trusted to get given another 4 years , when there is no third term possible . I think he would look at like a free ride to do what benefits himself the most , not to do what benefits our country. Our country needs a new path and its one of growth and more better paying jobs .

  • Democrat turned Republican - 10 years ago

    Obama is leading the country into destitute with no clear plan. I am middle class, can't afford to fill a full tank of gas, and been to the grocery lately? Try shopping for a family of four, I'm broke and I don't even have credit card debt. Oh, and I have a brother that has been out of work for 3 years and brother in law out of work for 2 years and this is not due to choice. Obama is running this country into the ground. I want a change, you know the hope and change that Obama ran on in his first election. He is an empty suit with a well written speech. People, look at your lives, pocketbook, healthcare premiums, etc.. Are you living the kind of life today that you want to? If you are not happy with the way things are going, make a change and forget the party lines, vote for the person who gives you a sense and passion to get the job done. Mitt Romney will be my vote.

  • @ Politician - 10 years ago

    I can't believe it but he is actually up by 8 points...
    Thanks for the direct link

  • Politician - 10 years ago

    Everybody, a poll from the washington post was just released 15 minutes ago. Its been confirmed with CNN.

    Obama is up by 8 points.

    Here is a direct link.

  • Stone - 10 years ago

    Obama always missed the point. I would like to know what is your plan for the next four year if you are reelected but it seems to me you do not have any plan. What you know is to attack your opponent. I am so disappointed with your. I decide to vote Romney. At least he has a plan.

  • AMERICAN - 10 years ago


  • Ellie - 10 years ago

    Obama is winning this poll because he won the debate on the whole, not just on one question.

  • Democrat - 10 years ago

    How is Obama Winning this poll?
    Obama, when asked about foreign policy, he dodged the question and went on to talk about
    9/11 !!

    Are you kidding me? I was democrat, before this debate, Now I am leaning towards Romney!
    Romney talks about his experience as a Business man and seems eligible for the Job. His state his a fine example.

    Everyone Has their own opinions. Im just stating mine.

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