Do you think an ordinance against panhandling is wrong?

  • Randy - 9 years ago

    My job requires me to interact with these people regularly. The guy that sits on the bucket at broad and pump averages $400 per day cash money- tax free. The lady that sits on brook road drives a nicer car than I do. She parks it across the street. The majority of these people are not homeless. They are just lazy.

  • nathaniel gregory - 9 years ago

    They should be out looking for work. why do people insist on supporting those who don't want to support themselves. It makes me sick to hear how much money they can make in one day when most of us work 8 hours a day trying to make as much as they do. what ever happened to teaching a man to fish so hes not back the next day begging for more.

  • sherry - 9 years ago

    Just today, 10-23-12, after leaving work, at the Boulavard and Marshall...There are always panhandlers at the corner. Sometimes I will give and other weeks I can't because I struggle paying my bills as I am single. What upset me today is when I said hello to the person that was panhandling and I could not give to him...he got mad and used the big F word and through his hands in the air. After today I am against panhandling as I have found out once you give they expect it. That is wrong!!! I don't need anyone coming up to my window of my car when I am stopped at a public stop light. That is a very uncomfortable feeling when you are traveling alone. Thank for your time.

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