Do you think Donald Trump is on drugs?

  • Brother252 - 9 years ago

    That's his offer? doesn't the President have the power to give billions, thanks Mr. Trump we'll send the information right over.

  • Annie Allen - 9 years ago

    The bible say it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. I fell to understand why they are acting this way, when all the presidents before this one was white and we gave them all the respect The President of United State should have, but the first time you get a black presidents we have all this disrespect, and calling him out of his name . This is not the right road to go, now the whole world knows what some rich people feel about those with less money than then, and what they would do to get thing to go their way to get what they want on a daily basic.

  • NotaryDiva - 9 years ago

    Th President shouldagree just as soon as Mitt Romney releases his tax returns for the last 6 years and it should be $10 Million to the United Negro College Fund!

  • Kelvin - 9 years ago

    I sometimes wonder if it's the money that allows these men to believe their own BS, or is it the learned ignorance/ racism. The one thing that scares the hell out of me, is that they convince the less fortunate and less educated that there is validity to there ramblings. This causes a rift between people who in some aspects are in the same situation. It is class, as well as race warfare.

  • carolyn - 9 years ago

    Trump need to stop being a jerk i see he don't like black people i heard what he did to Gary Indiana not a dam thing. As they say don't hate player hate the game remember can't buy everything

  • Charles - 9 years ago

    The bible says that a generation would have to die before change,i am 63 and the Donald is part of my generation.These racist attitude and forced influences on our youth is distasteful and ignorant for old people who know the truth.This man is still spewing hatred in this late hour of his life and it,s sad.He still know,that whatever he believes in there is a superior order in place and when it comes,it is going to take him,no matter how much money he got.To leave a legacy like the one he has chosen,future generations are going to ask if he was on DRUGS..............

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