Do you support adding tolls to I-95?


  • Chas Parker - 11 years ago

    There is enough congestion on I-95 right now as it is. Putting up a toll would just add to the traffic chaos and slow traffic flow. Besides, you are penalizing a segment of the state that needs to use the Interstate daily to get back and forth to work. Why not consider Increasing the gas tax a penny or two that way there would be no need to spend the money to build, maintain and man the toll booths. It would also be more fair to everyone that uses the Interstate system.

  • jason saunders - 11 years ago

    Mr Jones You are Crazy.......As a Owner Operator its Hard as Hell making it out hear this day an time, and to Add a toll Because our Gov people can't seem to stop spending money we're they shouldn't is Redundent.... you Obivisouly work for a company that will Pay the toll insted of you.... Yes its a Heavy trffic area with D.C just north of us...ev 1 commutes back an forth on regular basis not joyriders...and tolls would not keep those small percentage of Joyriders off I-95.... if anything they should open a Hov lane an start making people CARPOOL...that's the real problem is TOO many are riding solo to an from the same areas....js think how much less traffic their would be if every car had atleast 4 people to each car for carpooling... I Bet it would be at least a 20% less flow of traffic.... also you count in Fridays and you got A LOT of upper class an politicians Leaving from D.C for the weekend which causes a heavier flow of traffic going south... its like that ev time an well every day going north in the mornings an south in the eveings....It a Federal funded highway Mr Thomas Jones and to Add a toll IS Double Taxiation...that's Illeagal ain't it.??? I mean come cross back into Pa from N.J is $20... to cross G W Bridge back into Jersey from New york is $75... and that Damn ruff Bridge is just as ruff if not ruffer than it was 20years ago...but they just keep collecton the coin an don't hardly do ANY repairs...In short Do not Let the Gov take any More of Our hard earned cash just to pad their pockets a lil more an make us struggle more than what we are....!!!! Please Mr congress Man Do not let this happen... the Average Joe or Jill will have to find another job closer because they will not be able to AFFORD the cost of a toll... If it goes thru an Tolls are put up I promise u will see more UnEmployed People...guarnteed..

  • Thomas Jones,Jr - 11 years ago

    If they make it toll road it might help the travel on the road cause if they had to paid to ride then people would only ride when they need to drive on the road and not to joy ride on the road. It makes it easier on 18 wheel if it wasn't so full all the time so make it toll road and it will get some money for repairs on the road and helps the state.The interstate was building for miltary use and they said put commerical trucks on the interstate to get the heavy trucks of the back roads and the secondary road now cars and all of people driving when they are just going to the little market but they can use secondary road but don't so i'm for the toll road.

  • Sylvia Jackson - 11 years ago

    I pray that the Gov. really does understand that the Sussex people do not need this hardship place upon them with these proposed tolls.............My husband Mayor Frank Jackson and I Sylvia Jackson vowed to keep fighting this issues along with help from so many others as long as it takes!!! Frank and I do want to thank all the businesses for there money and support along with the many people that has made this fight possible!!! Toll is a Tax........

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