Do you agree with the pastor's comments?


  • Nkenge Raspberry - 11 years ago

    The word of God is the truth. We have to love people into the kingdom. I understand his stance. As a pastor it's his job to teach what the Bible says. God holds him accountable. What we think about it does't matter. God has already spoken through His word.

  • Chantella - 11 years ago

    God made them Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. He created them a male and female to increase and multiply the earth. God did not create steve and Mike in the Garden of Eden. So dear Friends call evil by its name. God frowns @same sex marriage.

  • felecia - 11 years ago

    Yes the bible tells us homosexual practice, so u cnt pick and choose what you're gonna believe either its all right or its all wrong. I believe what God said and he also said don't judge least u be judged. Continue to pray for folks.

  • Nick Branker - 11 years ago

    Maybe 1 day all of these Bible Quoaters will come to the realization that the bible was written by indivual men who had no facts to base their statements on. They wrote what they fetlt was, the way it should be to control the way people beleived (Since there was only Cain & Abel, who did Cain or Abel find to marry) Was there another couple beside Adam & Eve?

  • Jeff smith - 11 years ago

    Is it religion that make people look stupid or is it stupid people that make religion look stupid? I got a feeling it's a mixture of both.

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