What types of stories on Fortyteen Candles are the most interesting, entertaining or meaningful to you?

  • Cackie Trippe McCarty - 8 years ago

    Sorry to be so late arriving at the party but I really do enjoy your writing on just about anything. I have no children and am not a nurse but, still, I like to read what you have written. Keep it up!

  • Fortyteen Candles - 8 years ago

    Thanks for your thoughts, Jennifer :) I am really flattered you think so much of my writing about my nursing experience. I never really thought much about it, probably because to me the idea of writing about nursing seems dry or uninteresting. But, I guess it is my interactions and lessons learned that are what is interesting. I really appreciate your thoughts on this. You have started me on a thought process of writing about these very special patients I deal with. Now, as far as the unfinished poems and bits of notes....they are probably best for fireplace kindling....LOL!

  • Jennifer - 8 years ago

    This is a tough one... but I'm happy to be asked.

    In my opinion, all of your writing is very interesting. And I think your particular perspective and sense of humor are perfect for writing the parenting/raising kids and living in suburbia categories.

    But when I really think about which of your posts left the deepest impression... it's the work-related nursing category that stands out. There's a really unique thing going on there... many medical people are brilliant, many writers are communicative. Rarely do you find someone who can do both well enough to write effectively about working in medicine. (At least, that's my experience.)

    Now... will we get to see some of these writing samples? Bits of notes? Unfinished poems?

    Let us have it!

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