Which is your preferred way to make this crosscut?


  • Jim Mossoney - 11 years ago

    I Use my Miter Saw, but when the board is to wide or warped badly I turn to my jig saw there's no kickback lots of control. I learned this from Tommy Mack in his you-tube days.

  • Roger - 11 years ago

    I selected Radial Arm Saw - but really the answer is 'it depends'. I do not have a track saw or sliding compound miter saw so I use my options. If small enough I will use the miter saw (not too thick and up to about 6 inches wide). If too wide for the miter saw I will use the Radial Arm Saw (up to 14"). If too big for the Radial Arm saw and I can fit it on the table saw I will use that. If it does not fit on the table saw, it goes to the circular saw with a guide. So really? 'It Depends...'

  • Dean in Des Moines - 11 years ago

    I generally use my table saw, but when the piece is exceedingly long I pull out my circa 1920 Goodall-Pratt miter box. Still true to this day. A nice sharp Diston back saw makes very quick work of things.

  • R.G.Daniel - 11 years ago

    I crosscut rough stock to rough length with an old circular saw. When it's milled up and ready to cut to final or near-final length, I use the sled on the table saw. I don't have room for a mitre saw in the shop permanently, though I have one in the shed I sometimes pull out for rough work.

  • brian - 11 years ago

    I love my nobex miter box with the japanese blade, I cut a ton of hardwood flooring with it and it produced a glass like finish on the cut.

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