Good Kid M.A.A.D. City by Kendrick Lamar

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  • Ama - 7 years ago


  • Nic The Ju - 7 years ago

    I'm so grateful for Rod and Brandon because they turned me on to Kendrick a couple of years ago, maybe last year. I LOVED Section.80 immediately. I went back and listened to as much of his other stuff as I could find. I need to find more K Dot stuff so I can peep the evolution, but the kid is great. I saw him live last month and he's both a kid having the time of his life and an intense professional. He breathes like a classically trained singer. I keep calling him a prophet, and I think he knows the weight of that role but he's also managing to be young and have fun. Good Kid M.a.a.d. City is immaculate. At first I thought there were skipable tracks but now I feel like I do myself a disservice by not listening the whole way through before skipping around. Even if you aren't looking for a deeper meaning, there are some stand alone tracks to nod your head to.

  • TAYREL713 - 7 years ago

    This album is a bonifide new West Coast classic. Kendrick is what those who love hip-hop from the left coast had hoped the Game would become. Every song, even the bonus tracks are just spot on. Black Boy Fly maybe one of these most touching, real songs i have heard in years. My favorite track right now is Money Trees, but that Backseat Freestyle is a close second. I feel some are lacking in the historical perspective needed to appreciate this like i do, but there is a newness here that makes it inviting to a different group. This is an old school Source 5 Mic classic and probably my personal album of the year.

  • Cameron B - 7 years ago

    This album is a masterpiece in my eyes and I get where your coming from with the total public perceptive of the people who just turn on music and have it playing in the background. I have always been in the minority with music lyrically and never feel into the same types of music that most people my age (24) listen to. I think I have always listened to stuff like this cause if I listened to some bullshit my cousins or my brother would shut that shit done immediately and tell me to listen some good like the Outkast albums in the 90s and shit like that.

  • jprojectz - 7 years ago

    to me this is a very solid album. he did everything right. hot beats, meaningful lyrics, a nice(tho very obviously westcoast) flow, he def deserves props. now wit that said,im not all gaga over the album like many others. i gave this album a chance pretty much solely off of the reccomendation of the brotha who introduced me to one of my favorites: childish gambino.(yes, u Rod. keep up! n if u did jus ignore that thnx :-))this may have been a mistake because i never really vibed wit da westcoast flow. i fucks wit 2pac but he was from NY originally. idk i listened and didnt hate it which prolly means its like the best westcoast album in years lol. no shade,its a well crafted album and kendrick deserves to b in the convo wit Childish or J.Cole it jus wont b gettin mega spins in MY music library(i listened on spotify).oh n i voted the hype is real, jus not my personal blunt of choice.

  • Montoyis Knotts - 7 years ago

    The hype is real and deserved but I think there might be some group think inflating it a litte. That's that section of people that wait until enough people say they like to join in. Hip Hop bandwagoners that cant recite one line but swear it's fire.

  • Omar Humphrey - 7 years ago

    So good I had to comment twice. Nigga im bumping this shit like Radio Raheem!
    Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself and "Do the right thing".

  • Anthony " Animal Thug" Tatum - 7 years ago

    The Hype is so real. This is such a great album. It reminds me of when I was a kid and I would wanted to listen to a tape or cd before bed that I could listen to the whole thing without having to get up and skip any songs. It reminds me of Death Certificate meets midnight marauders with Aquemini tossed in. When I'm in my beat lab and I want to skip to a certain song I think dang well if I skip then I'll miss his dad talking about dominoes. This album comes together seamlessly. All the songs I heard before the album dropped make more since now when I have heard the collective pieces all together. Great album,Great show, Keep up the great work.


  • Da Kc Stork - 7 years ago

    The previous work that Mr. Lamar has put forth, that lead to this album makes it worth the hype to me. Is it the best release of the year? No. Is it a solid album that you can put on and just let play? Yes. That is all that I ask when I spend my hard earned GI Bill money on itunes.

  • Omar Humphrey - 7 years ago

    This album is off the chain! I was watching the intro to the vokle cast and was wondering what Rod was bumping so hard. I could tell who the artist was but the track beat like slavery and resonated through my soul like when a white person slips up and says the N- word in front of me. My curiosity was satisfied after Rod gave the album a quick shot out and review. With-in the next 10 mins I downloaded that shit and had an album to ride out to. I bump that shit on my way to Walmart and By the 5th track All I can say is "NIGGA"! ……You sleeping if you dont cop, or download this shit. "Bitch don't blow my high" is my anthem for the rest of 2012. Thank you Rod for putting a nigga up on game.

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