How Old Should Bobbi Kristina Be Before Receiving Her Mom's Money?


  • Chille - 10 years ago

    My opinion is give it to her as her mother requested. Even though her grandmother sees some of the bad decisions she's making, at the end of the day, Bobbi Kristina will have to make the end decision as to who she chooses to hang out with. Let's just pray that she reflects upon some of the bad decisions her parents made and decides her outcome will be different. She's still a "kid" guys; she's going to make mistakes!

  • jimmie - 10 years ago

    i think that it should be given as whitney had it set up~whitneys plans should be followed out the way she intended it to and that being said is enough for me~~~~

  • Thomas J. Gibson - 10 years ago

    If her Whitney had her will written for Bobbi to receive the amount of money at that age, then that's how it should be! She felt that was the right age for her to handle that amount. She's 19 now, who's to say what state of mind she will be in at 21. People do change and many people are looking at her saying she's gonna be like her mom. This young woman is still grieving. Losing someone who was everything to her is hard. Collectively we should be praying for her! Belinda I love your answer by the way!

  • Belinda Shavers - 10 years ago

    Well the reason why I put 30 years of age, maybe by then, she done changed her surroundings with this bad guy. We will just have to pray and ask God to lead her in the right direction and give her the man that he wants her to have. There is time that we have to put our kids and grandkids in God hands, because God never make a mistake because we belong to him. God is the MASTER PLAN.....

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