Who do you plan to vote for in the KS-5 Senate race?

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  • Dan Hopkins - 11 years ago

    Steve Fitzgerald must win this race. Kelly Kultala, the Sebelius handpicked progressive (extremist) has done nothing for her constituents. First, she was elected under a scandal of voter intimidation and her precincts in Wyandotte reported last with just enough to beat her opponent. Second, she spent an entire year campaigning for lieutenant Governor instead of fulfilling her duties to represent the 5th District. In her four years she has not attended a single local government, local board or local commission meeting. She failed to attend meetings regarding the new federal prison proposed for the district. She voted to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to renovate the legislative chambers of the house and senate in Topeka. She voted for the second largest tax increase in Kansas history. When someone doesn’t do the job we hired them to do, we have to let them go. It is time to let Kultala go and it is time to give Steve Fitzgerald a chance. He has served his country as a special forces officer, was awarded the purple heart, and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. He is a proven leader. Please vote for Steve Fitzgerald, we need leadership in Topeka.

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