Who Do You Think Will be Sent Home TONIGHT on DWTS?

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Posted 7 years.


  • Alexandra - 7 years ago

    Shawn Johnson should go Home

  • Pat - 7 years ago

    I think the voting is crazy and do not watch it much any more. It should be the performance not the star that is to score points?????????????

  • aly - 7 years ago

    Kirstie should go home, but I have a feeling it will probably be Kelly. Kirstie has a large fan base, and that is what seems to save the stars that really shouldn't be continuing on....

  • dancefan#1 - 7 years ago

    Really people, 41% think that Kelly should go home? Sorry but I for one can't stand looking at Sabrina Bryan's fat rolls jiggle, shes' a good dancer but she over dances all the time. What about shawn Johnson, her and Derek break the rules every week. Finally Kirstie Alley should be the one going home. Poor Maks looks in pain everytime he has to lift her.

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