Is the Audi Cabriolet a future classic?

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  • Gene McKelvey - 4 years ago

    I came across this article 8 years after its publication. 10-1/2 years after purchasing my 1994 Cabriolet V6 for $5,000. Had I held my breath awaiting any collectible classic status, I would have died long before my Audi. It has been a solid year-round second car in a climate with four full seasons. Driving averages about 5,000 miles per year at an average cost of $1,930 inclusive of all maintenance and repair. Heading into 2019, the Cabriolet remains unnoticed by all listings of undervalued or classic cars (excepting Princess Diana's). Every year there are fewer survivors, due either to hard usage or unwillingness to invest in maintenance. If the majority of this poll's opinions are to be proven correct, it will likely be after mine has been sold.

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