What is your biggest obstacle when considering natural gas engines?


  • Mike Highers - 11 years ago

    The new technogly on LPG is the way to go the infrastructer is already there. There are on average of 4 to 5 Propane companys in every County in the USA .All we need to do is put in the pumping station at the location needed, the average cost per LPG GAS Pump is $35,000.00 per location ,it is the cleanest fuel so you get green rebates, plus it is a 114 octain fuel and cars that will get 250,000 miles on gas, will get 1,000,000 (million) miles on LPG (PROPANE) and fuels in the same time gas does. The Federal Gov. needs to help the Propane companys with the pumps and help the american people to purchase the new cars average cost per gallon will be a $1.89 a gallon and in two years Ford and Chevy will mass produce LPG and LNG cars so the oil companys are scared $1.89 for LPG OR LNG , $3.89 for GAS, or $4.98 Diesel you make the choice, make the rest of the world rich when we have enough gas in Penn. to last for 40 years just in one state when they drill for LNG,LPG wells its 10 for 10 wells. when they drill for oil they only hit 3 out of 10 its time we tell the oil people we don't need oil from somebody that hats us ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE GET OFF YOUR HINDEND AND TELL CONGRESS AND YOUR SENTORS WHAT WE WANT WE CAN SAVE $80 to $120 a week call them ASAP AND SEND THEM AN EMAIL IT TAKES 900 emails on one subject for them to look at your email I have had lunch with them all they want is a check and get re elected email or call and keep records lets raise hell and let GOD BE ON OUR SIDE

  • R C Noderer - 11 years ago

    There is a very critical category missing from the poll - infrastructure requirements inside repair facilities. Natural gas vehicles require certain equipment to monitor and protect the air quality inside a building where repairs take place. This can be very expensive to retrofit an older structure.

  • Ed - 11 years ago

    After all the work and expense of cleaning up diesel why not work on getting the price of it down and put the natural gas where it makes the most sense; in homes and businesses for heating?
    The Electric companies want us to cut back to reduce the load on the grid and we want to reduce our utility cost. So invest your efforts in making diesel affordable and putting natural gas where it should be and we can all quit chasing our tails and start saving.
    Win - Win

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