Whom Do You Support in the 2012 Presidential Race?


  • Margie - 11 years ago

    I supported Gary Johnson but know that he will not win. My vote goes to Obama---though Romney pretends his policies would be different the two are actually one in the same and that was proven in the final debate. At least Obama doesn’t try to hide the fact that he is for big government and more spending; Romney says one thing and does another. His inconsistent positions, his record in Massachusetts, his social conservatism, all make for a very dismal outlook for our country. I’d rather vote for the evil I know and against a greater evil that comes with a Romney presidency.

  • Kim - 11 years ago

    C'mon mitt!
    Love your blog, dan. But in the case, I also hope your prediction is wrong.

  • P. Hamilton - 11 years ago

    Thanks Dan,
    I appreciate and enjoy your blog posts and I agree with you the majority of the time, I just really, really hope that you are wrong with your presidential prediction. I'm with Ed, who commented above .... hoping and planning for a Romney landslide.

  • ed - 11 years ago

    Get ready for a Romney landslide 321-217

  • Grant Davies - 11 years ago

    It's not surprising that Johnson does so well in this poll. He won 2-0 in my house.

  • s. Witten - 11 years ago

    I'd vote for you.

  • Lon LeBlanc - 11 years ago


    Thanks for all you write, and all of the explanations you give. It's much appreciated.

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