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  • Vicki Zalascek - 12 years ago

    The writer commits one of my pet peeves - using this, that, and what, in place of the needed form of "who.": What kind of man would this be?

    The baby is not a thing, it is a who. Therefore the sentence would more correctly read: What kind of man would he become?

    That alone is enough to take me out of the story. Also, I don't think the writer has ever given birth, because barring a c-section, a midwife would definitely not work as hard as the mother. Think about it, what is it you think a midwife of that time period would do besides grab the baby as it comes out? Calisthenics? Mostly they sit there and provide emotional support for the mother, unless herbs are needed for pain, or if they have to reach in and grab a breech birth baby to pull it out.

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