Should Zoe Saldana be "allowed" to play Nina Simone?

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  • jprojectz - 7 years ago

    people need to calm the fuck down!! this movie is just beginning its shoot! a lotta shit will look bad in the very beginning. if (n i dont recall if there were)there were pictures of heath ledger as the joker with his face makeup all half rubbed off n shit people woulda flipped. but it made perfect sense with context and his dynamite performance. i dont even know or really care about zoe playin nina (still pissed at her about columbiana) but i hope she KILLS IT!hope she gets oscar nominated n all dat so dese hatin ass hoes can b mad!

  • Michelle B. - 7 years ago

    That Make-up looks horrible. whoever did that should be ashamed of themselves. I didn't see the picture before this show and i doubt the problem is the picture. I believe that the reason so many people are upset about this is because it is Zoe Saldana. Some people may be upset that she is light skinned but I don't know why people have the idea that she doesn't identify as black. The interview I read said that she corrects people by saying that she is a black woman. She doesn't label herself as American or Dominican. Anyway, the reason why I voted no is because she is not a great actress but I am optimistic because I would hate for her mess up such a great role.

  • tacosalad - 7 years ago

    Me kinda care.. But not that much..

  • E.Long - 7 years ago

    Who cares!!! I just need another movie with the rock shirtless, Or Magic Mike with an all B.B.C Cast.

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