Proxmox or Ubuntu on the Nexus 7 next week?

  • Gabe - 10 years ago

    Hey guys- just keep in mind that a lot of stuff doesn't work correctly on the Nexus 7 yet. I'm looking forward to Ubuntu on the Nexus 7 as much as anyone, but it might be a bit premature to devote the main segment of an episode to it. There is a major bug with the tapping which causes the device to stop responding to touch interactions in Unity, sound doesn't automatically work, and many audio/video programs don't work correctly yet, and the interface hasn't been touch optimized. I tried installing Plasma Active but I just get a black screen when I try to log in. Basically, while it is amazing that so much does work already, there are some pretty basic obstacles to it being a good tablet experience at the moment. LXDE is just about the only environment that is usable on it at the moment for any meaningful length of time, and you need a stylus to navigate it at times (though enlarging the font sizes help). It is definitely a devlopment release.

  • cc11rocks - 10 years ago

    Could you guys do BOTH (seperate episodes if it will run too long)? I'm voting for Nexus 7 personally, though I would be interested in seeing the Proxmox episode.

  • Jason John Wells - 10 years ago

    Plasma Active 3 that bitch :)

  • andy suarez - 10 years ago

    I'm torn, I love the idea of installing ubuntu on my N7, but I sppent an hour reading up on proxmox and holy crap that looks awesome! If you don't cover proxmox here it would make a good topic on techsnap. But I feel listeners want both!

  • Andy Turfer - 10 years ago

    It's strange, I love the Jelly Bean experience on the Google Nexus (for the most part, it's not without a few irritations), but I cannot stand the Jelly Bean experience on my Nexus 7. It just annoys me - jerky, Chrome browser is awful, everything just horrible.

    I'd love to replace Jelly Bean with Ubuntu on my Nexus 7.

  • Legi - 10 years ago

    You can try Kubuntu too, maybe multiboot will work, ;)

  • Al F - 10 years ago

    Ubuntu on nexus 7 is still ubuntu. Go Proxmox!

  • Scott Deagan - 10 years ago

    OMFG - you can do that?

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