What did you think of episode 7.06 "Do the Wrong Thing"?


  • AP - 12 years ago

    Why? That was super lame and of course another plot that is going to end horribly wrong. He is going to have to kill her regardless, but now it will Deb ordering it up. Totally predictable

  • Liz - 12 years ago

    gaahhh the scene at the amusement park was hard to watch. WTF was dexter thinking?? since when does he think with his penis and not with his dark passenger? Or maybe I'm just jelly, but still...

  • samael - 12 years ago

    The only thing I am getting a little annoyed with is:

    "They" are turning Deb into a whinny annoying nit picking Blech

    It is getting old ...her response to her brother bieng a serial killer..change the reaction...she can still be shocked...but geez...Deb is whinny

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