• MyTownTalks - 14 years ago

    Hillary has too much class to be associated with a criminal such as Obama. Mccain in O8, Hillary in 2012

  • Mia Kulper - 14 years ago

    Why not. I'd vote for either of them or both of them.

    I wouldn't vote for McSame even if he was my great, great, great grandfather.

  • Roberto - 14 years ago

    Obama wants to unite us, what better way? If Democrats can't unite behind their most electable candidates, what can we hope to achieve as the party in power?

  • PJ - 14 years ago

    There was a time when two candidates running this strong would automatically both be installed on the ticket. Especially when they are both breaking new ground. Today it is utterly out of the question. And that is why we lose. What was the line from the movie? "Morons. I've got morons on my team."
    Or "There's only one intelligent man in my kingdom and he's against me."

  • Corey - 14 years ago

    Chris Rock once made a joke about what would happen if Colin Powell became the Vice President: somebody would shoot the President so that we would have a black President. Chris (jokingly, of course) said he would do it himself.

    In the same lighthearted spirit, if Hillary became the Vice President, we could make a joke about how she would shoot Obama so that she could become the President.

  • Trenchant observer - 14 years ago

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Our nightmare would go on forever and ever. One must ask the question: What Does She Want? Aside from Obama's defeat, an accommodation can probably be arranged without her being VP. If she had any sense, as my grandmother would say, she would return to the Senate and one-up the Obama administration by strengthening healthcare etc and becoming a Lioness. There's an opening: Kennedy and Byrd are on the way out.

  • David - 14 years ago

    How can he honestly choose someone who spent so much time running such a dishonest, despicable campaign against him? Someone whose supporters are filled with such vitriol and hatred for him? It would be a different matter altogether if her message and methods hadn't been so underhanded, so... what's the word... REPUBLICAN! Can you have a running mate that can't trust? I don't think so. I would honestly think less of him if he gives in and asks her. He doesn't need her and it would hurt his Presidency if he did win. What happens in two and a half years when she starts to gear up her next run - you know she'll be sharpening the knives to go at him again. This cannot happen.

  • jerry - 14 years ago

    Oh definitely no. Half the party loves him and the other half loves her. I mean, who would want a sure victory?

    If we reject Clinton we can make them come crawling back to us. Who are they going to vote for, anti-choice McCain? I don't think so. Bwa ha ha ha ha.

    Sure, it would make the race a whole lot riskier, what with all those polls showing Obama losing to McCain, but we have to stand on principle here! And besides it's better that we lose and avenge Vince Foster.

  • Chris - 14 years ago

    hell no.

  • baba durag - 14 years ago

    It makes me wanna say "yeeeaaarrrrgh". And not in a good way.

  • Sufferin' Blessed Succotash - 14 years ago


  • QuentinCompson - 14 years ago

    That's not fair and balanced. Where's McCain?

  • Sinfonian - 14 years ago


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