What problems did you encounter when voting Tuesday? (Poll Closed)

  • Long lines
    5 votes

  • I didn't have my ID
    7 votes

  • Machine/ballot glitches
    6 votes

  • I didn't have any problems
    94 votes


Posted 7 years.


  • Beverly Weber - 7 years ago

    Agree re:ID. A nice story...I was in the hospital (St. Joes) recovering from emergency surgery on election day. I told several people over the previous week that I wanted to vote and finally, on election day I mentioned it to my nurse early in the morning. At 4:15 that afternoon two women came into my room to get my some information from me. At 7:15PM another woman came into my room with some papers to sign and at 9:39 PM a courier presented me with my ballot and a few signatures later I and seven or eight other patients had cast out ballot. I don't know all who were involved in the effort but it was a very big deal for me and I am grateful to everyone involved in making it happen. The nurse manager on my floor said in his thirty years in the industry the issue had never come up before.

  • CO - 7 years ago

    ID shouldn't have been an issue with anyone, it was pushed off for this election.

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