Do you think Rush Limbaugh is right to say he's outnumbered and lost the country?


  • Oliver - 12 years ago

    Yes, he is right. He is outnumbered. And that's a very good thing. Ignorant racist sphincters are not the majority of this country.

  • Nick - 12 years ago

    This is not a white America
    This is not a black America
    This is the true America
    The America for all the people
    For those of you who can't adjust, there are planes leaving everyday, book a flight

  • Janet Mrakovich - 12 years ago

    Wow, that is one long sentence Big Mike! No capitals, no separation...good thing you were typing and not would've passed out long before you got everything out! Could use a spelling 101 class too! I would also like to know what a Jew looks like--distinguishing traits--that made you sure those people are, in fact, Jewish? The fact is this president put forth policies that actually HAVE hurt small businesses. The fact that this president was re-elected with the horrible numbers he has --across the board--is shocking. It speaks directly to a selfish and uninformed electorate. Billions of tax dollars from working Americans have been squandered by this president who invested in green energy projects THAT HAVE ALL GONE BANKRUPT! Absolute facts! Take a close look at Greece, that is where we are heading. This president wants to raise taxes on the wealthy--to pay their fair share--while NO ONE is addressing the fact THAT 50% OF AMERICANS DON'T PAY TAXES AT ALL! When are they going to get a job and start paying their fair share ? WHEN? To all of you who continue to vote for your government pay check...WHERE WILL YOU GET YOUR MONEY WHEN THIS NATION GOES BANKRUPT? I'll tell you...make SURE you camp out on the White House lawn so this president sees you, AND WHILE YOU ARE SQUATTING THERE...REMEMBER WHAT I SAID ABOUT GREECE! One other comment...on whose hands is the blood of those four Americans left to die in Benghazi? This president is the commander-in-chief of our military. This president watched the attack on the American embassy in real time and did nothing! He left them die! And now, we have the biggest cover-up by this president who LOOKED INTO THE EYES OF ALL AMERICANS AND LIED THROUGH HIS TEETH! Look closely at the blood on his hands...for this he should be held accountable! The buck does stop with him...period.

  • BIG MIKE - 12 years ago

    his kind of america was always outnumbered those racists thoughts that him hannity karl rowe donald trump and oriley the factor the garbage and hate that they spew after the election i am glad thats its defeated this country is not all whoite like they portray if you saw romney concession speech there was nt a minority or black face in the crowd all white people that is not what ameica is if you saw obamas crowd they had black latinos hispanics jews white ect that is what america is now now the white population is the minoritie so how does it feel now when the shoe is on the other foot we felt that way for over 200 years if you listend to the presidents speech his willing to reach across the aisl to make this county great again not the republicans first thing out of there mouth if he wants to get anything threw hey have to go threw them they must remember the president got reelected but i have a surprise for them if you wnt to block the progress and growth of this country 2014 is coming and we will put someone up to defeat you damn the elction is over oriley factor says lets make the presidnt fail then we can demolish the democratic party instead of trying to work together such hate hey are the reason this country is the way it is the minorities are now the majority get used toit we are not slaves any more our voices and actions are stronger than ever lets become a great country by working together to be a united states stop the hate the world is watching us for sure how can we go around the world telling them about democracy when we mock it right here god bless the USA lets all get along if not this country will perish believe that

  • Jeanine Madison - 12 years ago

    Oh another one!!!...go sit down!! and be quiet. All YOU won't to do is go backwards !!!!!
    well guess what. NOT!

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