Do you think workers should be made to work on holidays?

  • Dana - 9 years ago

    I work retail,and yes we know we sacifice a lot with Holidays.When everyone else is off,we are working. I have no problem with that. We have always known certain holidays were a given Thanksgiving and Christmas. America has become such a selfish country that it is more important to get a TV for $200 then spend time with your family. Very sad! That should be a day for family.

  • Trinity Gillings - 9 years ago

    Really??.What has happened to our american values.God first,family,then work...All because of corporates greed,and market rating. What about the single mothers who have worked all year hard.Don't they deserve time on Holidays with their children.. We need to pray for our corporate America... and each other... I wont be shoppn like crazy. I will be praying for my fam,and friends that will be working hard...

  • sarah - 9 years ago

    Why is anyone complaining? it is there job. When they took the job they knew black Friday existed and all the crazy hrs that went with it. Its no different then working at a restaurant that is open on thanksgiving (I do) that gets rushed all day cause people still dont want to cook. Be grateful you have the job and if you font like the hrs, move on. Somebody else out there eould love to work what you dont want to.

  • Brock MacLean - 9 years ago

    We dont have Black Friday here in Canada, to my knowledge, but we have stores who want to capitalize on holidays, and ask their staff to work on the holiday. My opinion , if it's a statutory holiday, like Thanksgiving, nobody should be forced to work on that day, unless you are an essential service like hospital staff, firemen and so on. But it is not just business who are ruining holiday tradition. We have Boxing Day the day after Christmas here, and it's crazy the millions of people down at the mall the day after Christmas, instead of spending time with their family or on a ski hill or whatever. Family values are more or less meaningless or certainly far from Leave it to Beaver Days!

  • Elaine - 9 years ago

    So, what's next? All the big box retailers will be open Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day too?? The greed is getting ridiculous. Any store that is starting their sales before 4:am on Friday Nov. 23, 2012 will NOT see any of my Christmas budget dollars this year. Hopefully the shoppers that will be overrunning these stores on Thanksgiving Day for the "great" deals will remember that the employees that are working to allow you to have your instant gratification this early have worked all day stocking shelves and putting out all this wonderful merchandise thereby negating their "holiday" with their family/friends. You can bet that the bigwigs in the big offices of these corporations are filling their stomachs and not having to worry about working on Thanksgiving! Anybody else out there have the guts to stand up to these retailers and not line their pockets?

  • Raul - 9 years ago

    Its sad, looks like Thanksgiving dosen't matter anymore....I grew up looking forward on seeing family come over...I just hope that part of American history is not lost.....

  • Shopper - 9 years ago

    They should have an internet only early Black Friday with free store pickup after the holiday weekend.

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