2nd Readers' Choice: Fave Breakthrough TV Performance (Poll Closed)

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  • milen - 9 years ago

    David Archuleta hands down :-) He's the best thing in this world.

  • LindaFromcali - 9 years ago

    I voted for David because he deserves it. His first acting job and he did awesome. I would love for him to continue progressing more and more with his acting career along side of his singing. Miss you David, hurry home.

  • Ahmad Zulfiyan - 9 years ago

    David Archuleta must be voteddd!

  • @maddddmo - 9 years ago

    David Archuleta must
    be voted again and again (:

  • xtin - 9 years ago

    David Archuleta should win this.nuff said

  • Kathy C. - 9 years ago

    I'm anxiously waiting for my own DVD of the wonderful series Nandito Ako starring David Archuleta. He gave the series his all and I am very impressed with his acting abilities. There's no questioning he sings like an angel.

  • Carmi - 9 years ago

    DA deserved my vote:-) He did a great job acting on TV5 NA. Hope to see more of him acting/singing when he comes back from church mission.

  • Carmi - 9 years ago

    DA deserved my vote! He did very, very good on TV5 NA. Hope too see more of him acting beside singing.

  • Yandry Moreno - 9 years ago

    Yo vote por david archuleta Se lo merece es una buena persona y donde quiera que este le deseomucha surte :* I love DAVID ARCHULETA

  • MsPoohBear - 9 years ago

    David Archuleta's first serious acting job was Nandito Ako and did it with excellence. I truly believe he deserves to win this Breakthrough TV Performance Award. And I hope he continues to act when he comes back from mission.

  • Fatimah Saarani - 9 years ago

    hai everyone...im Fatimah,20 yrs old,from Malaysia..i'd just knew 'bout Nandito Ako few weeks before..Actually,im one of David Fan...it so long in a time i didn't update 'bout him..n suddenly i got my own broadband and i watch him in Youtube..Gahhh!! he already going for mission?? ouhh,,,i'd just knew it..then i find out what's the latest on him,what is he doing,,etc,,and this Nandito Ako poped up and get me hang there..is that David?? singing a Tagalog song?? Wahh,,awesome..since i am a big fan and holic of Filipino movies i state that yeah..i should take a look of this..hehe,,n i find out the full episode of the mini-series..Honestly,i'd give up at first but i keep trying since i believe there must be a website that could help me watch my David in NA...Nahh!! one night,after so many trial then i got it!! I watch it over and over until i got lack of sleep..i can't move,just staring on the screen..sometimes smile..ahhahahh..NA is a great mini series..you know,i found that before in Youtube that there was a comment says this NA just a nonsense series n such a typical..but,for me ..i keep maintaining my aim..that i should watch this and get my review and opinion by myself..i think it was plot professionally in such period of time from begin to the end..nothings boring or like they say you can predict what will happen next..Frankly,i think those people just saying..me??i'd watch it..so can i say that it was GREAT!! not of because it appears David only..nope..for this series,,i put myself fully attention on every character..being professional and not influence or just focusing of David..but,you know,David got me there so..yeah it's like that..uhuhuu,

  • Jane - 9 years ago

    To take the time to do this show "Nandito Ako" before he went on his mission for his fans, shows what kind of a person he is. Such a sweetheart and he did a awesome job. I only hope they make a DVD of this show. Waiting for it and for his return in 2014.

  • Greg ranin - 9 years ago

    I voted for david archuleta because i am very thankful that he did the OPM album for the pinoys and he is one of a kind celebrity, humble and sweet etc. pinoy archies rules! :)

  • Virginia Banker - 9 years ago

    I loved watching Nandito Ako on tv 5 with David Archuleta. I hope when he returns in 2014 they do more of Nandito Ako. I am hoping for a dvd of Nandito Ako.

  • Gwen Porea - 9 years ago

    Go David Archuleta, you did an awesome job.

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