Do you think the request to secede from the union is due to racism?


  • Stewart - 11 years ago

    I would like to start out by saying'to bring race into the picture at all,you're just dumb as hell.It's all about the constitution idiot's.This has been going on way before Obama stepped into the picture.What I'm seeing as well as many more americans is the complete dismantleing of our constitution,the very fabric of this country is a joke to this man regardless of his race,hell it does'nt matter if he was green!He took an oath to uphold the constitution,and flat out lied on national tv,he also said the constitution didn't apply to America today that it was meant for the time's in which it was wrote.So how the hell is that racist?Yes I'm a white southern man,but I have many"black"friend's who are also seeing the same thing only because they've done there research.So please educate yourself before you show your ignorance!And I would like to finish by saying if you think our constitution doesn't apply anymore as your"commander and cheif" does well then you my friend also need to be tried for treason!WHAT A BUNCH OF BLIND MORON'S!And futhermore the president is nothing more than a puppet regardless of race,there's a much larger picture here than what a lot of you that have commented about that you surely DO NOT SEE!LONG LIVE LIBERTY AND FREEDOM!AND LONG LIVE THE CONSTITUTION!Remenber your grade school if you went it's'WE THE PEOPLE!

  • tim - 11 years ago

    On a further note a US marine was arrested for speaking out against our government... claiming that anarchism is illegal... what happened to the freedom of speech... no wonder people wanna run their own country...

  • tim - 11 years ago

    The way the news would put it we Americans are the scum of the earth. Racists who would rather leave all that we have ever known just to be free from a black president... lets explore that theory shall we? If in fact that many white...non black people signed said petition, that would mean that 650,000 plus white folks are racist pigs and have no reguard for the welfare of their children and further generations... this is highly unlikely. We ARE considdered a free people... lawfully. So if said FREE poeple decide that they want to be more free of the tyriny that is "government" then that is their god given right... and if they are striving to separate from our government then chances are what is considered to be"lawfull" by our government would not apply to said intentions. We created this nation under the same god given right that these people wish to exercise now. And that right is as real now as it was over 200 years ago when this country was founded. They are just trying do it with less bloodshed. I served in the us army durring the war in Afghanistan I fought for our freedoms even the freedom to secede. While I was there the us newsgroups and bloggers bashed service men and women making us look as if our efforts were futile. As if the dead bodies of our brothers wasn't enough. Racist people going to that extreme to not have a black president...? I really doubt that... if one were to look at todays law you can see that it in itself infringes on the verry constitutional rights that were set up to protect the people who inhabit our beloved land... speaking of land why is it that the federal government can tell us what we can do on or with the property and land we worked hard to purchase. Its ours not theirs... what has our nation come to that a person cannot truly own anything without someone telling him what he has to do with it... we pay the government to live in homes we baught with blood sweat and tears, land that we bought the same way to drive automobiles that we bought, to send our children to school... and the list goes on... our beloved government has true ownership of every aspect of our lives... we own nothing. Hell we can't even leave the country without permission. Remember asking mommy if you could go out of the house? Open your eyes people. We live in a coultry who claims freedom for its residents but then says "you can't do that" when we try to be free... where does that make sense? We are no more free than birds in a cage. Sure we have some freedome to fly arround but don't try to go out on your own... you will hit the side of the cage. I agree that if people want to form their own country who is uncle sam to stop them...? We would be hypocrites if we did. The land was baught and paid for by the people... let them have their property and quit bothering them about it. I love this country but racist? No. These people just want what most Americans don't have the balls to fight for... freedom.

  • moderate southern boy - 12 years ago

    First let me say that while I did not vote for president obama the first time I did like him both as a person and as a speaker. I don't blame all of the economy on him in anyway, with that said I think that some of his policies have not been very smart and maybe were not the best for the country. I come from a solid middle class military background (no I did not serve) I was raised for 21 years as a military brat and I respect the office of the president with the exception of bill clinton who was almost hostile towards the military. I think that what this issue is about has more to do about the current problems facing the country as opposed to any racisim. That is not to say that there is not some in there as well, I thiink that states have grown tired of having the federal govt. Tell them what to do and how to do it and then making them pay into the federal government budget without any say. Let's face facts the federal government does what it wants when it wants how it wants and all without regard to the people who make up this country. Your average american is being regulated to death by the FEDS and there is nothing we can do about it. Now onto the racists OF either color it is high time for you to realize that you need to blame yourselves and not the whites or the blacks or the hispanics take responsibilty for your own actions and admit when you are wrong. Noone is saying that whites are clear from all guilt for things done in the past but for christ sake that was almost 200 years ago if someone has a hangup about slavery let the people who were slaves have the issue (oh that's right they are all dead now, its been 150 + years) if you want to feed into sterotypes we can do that but it will get you nowhere. Now is the time to stand together as americans and change the direction of the country of the people, for the people, by the people. The politicians in washington work for us not the other way around they should be doing what we want not what they think is best for us. I don't know about you but I know what's best for me and my family and I don't pretend to know what's good for you or your family. Just a thought !
    On another note who cares if the guy is black or white so long as he knows that everyone needs to be treated the same? There is not one set of rules for white and one for blacks one set of rules for the rich or the poor or the middle class?

  • Chris - 12 years ago

    I try not to be ignorant but these people commenting must be white.....You are blind if you think there's no racism o have white friends I've checked over this....I'm so tired of this he's part white thing ...your anscestors made up the 5 percent rule and classified everyone as black. Most 2nd 3rd generations are mixed due to slavery...please stop it unless you come directly from Africa it's a good chance your mixed with something..I'm tired of these sellouts or white people trolling black sites and trying to play mind games with us like we can make a good decision...even a highly ranked Colin Powell only picks Obama because he dummies know 28 out of the last 40 years Repukes have killed the economy with greed....we made the right decision.....please get out of denial this is racist and I will challenge anyone on a political debate on policies...Obama is cleaning up repubs mess...You dummies though you could put him in for 4 years blame him and erase bushes history but he out smarted you racist fools

  • Check the facts - 12 years ago

    First let me say I did not vote For Obama. However, I believe he is the rightful President. He won the election fair and square. For all the people saying that blacks voted for him just because he is black means nothing. Blacks make up 14.1% of all Americans. That is not the number of actual voting age people. Whites are 72% of all Americans. So say using a high number 12% of voters were black. Is that enough to swing the election? I for one don't believe so. So lots of white voters voted for Obama in order for him to be President. For the people who want to leave this country LEAVE. The problem is not any peticular President. It is the lack of Americans here in America. Not a racist comment. What I mean is every where you go in America you see flags from other countries and if you ask someone in America what are you or where are you from you get, I'm black, I'm white, I'm Jewish, I'm Christian, I'm Republican, I'm Democrat. You get all kinds of answers except I'm American. Yet you go to any other country and ask a dark or light or rich or poor person the same question and they will respond with there true nationality. I'm French or German or what ever. Pride in our America is what is lacking. I am American. What are you?

  • Tammy - 12 years ago

    If the succession was truly due to racism it would have come up four years ago, not now. This country is truly in trouble. I think people are realizing that and know change is needed. Obama's first term caused more debt and too many issues to name them all. I didn't vote for him 4 years ago and didn't vote for him now and it has nothing to do with race. However, I strongly feel that people voting for him because he is black is just as bad as not voting for him because he's black. I really wish we could all move past this.

  • Dane Rivers - 12 years ago

    if it was because of race this would have happened four years ago

  • Pam - 12 years ago

    I can not believe that you believe that the reason the President has so much opposition is due to the fact that he is black. I believe America has matured past this, except for people like you. I believe his Mother is suppose to be white isn't she? I find that black Americans seem to worry more about his race than the other races of this country. With that said, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the President is the least transparent about his past than any other President in history. This has cause a general distrust amoung the American people. I think it would be helpful for the President to unseal his college records. He is obviously trying to hide something...or he would not have sealed his records. I would also like to remind you of the accusations that the President has strong ties to people like Soros and the Communist Party in the past. Since his family members seemed to gravitated towards the Communist movements, and rumors of his own involvement, it is this that worries the American people and not his race. He has yet to explain what he meant when he made his statements to the Russians, that were caught when he thought he was off the mic. I would also add that America has always been Israel's strongest supporting ally and the President made it clear that he did not share these least until right before the election. Therefore, I ask you why you are so racist in your statements regarding anyone who does not necessarily agree with the President and have these trust issues with him? Your statement is entirely racist! I was very moved when he won his first term because I have always felt saddend for the struggles of the black Americans. I was proud that America had proven their victory over racism in the United States. However, after that I found many many inconsistanties in his remarks and behaviors that caused me and a whole lot of other Americans, and I don't know all their races...but some are black, to question his integrity. Now, it is too late to unseal the records, because just like the Birth one will trust it anyway. Therefore, I will summerize and recap for you that it is the Presidents lack of integrity, transparency and not the lack of the white race in him showing on the outside that has alarmed Americans. Also, your racist statement shows your lack of integrity and I hope one day you will realize the error of YOUR ways and perhaps you will apologize for becoming exactly what you accuse other of being.

  • msgee - 12 years ago

    Are we to believe that everyone has agreed with every decision or policy that every President has ever made until now? Seems like that is what some people are's because of President Obama's policies, because of decisions he has made. The devil is a lie and the truth is not in him. Why has no other President been so blatantly disrespected, called insulting names, talked about assassinating him (jokingly of course) , when a decision they made you didn't agree with? I have read some things people have said that are just terrible....because you don't agree with a decision he made? But never any other President?, republican party treasurer saying President Obama supporters are idiots and maggots, "they" reelected him, he is "their" President, the United States is now "their" country?, hell I didn't know it belonged to "them", hanging likenesses of the President, but none of this is because of race? I can't say that race is the reason but it certainly seems that way. The people who supported President Obama weren't big enough "idiots" to help these type of people get into the Presidency. Didn't even have sense enough to not let their filth and disrespect be seen or heard in public who is really the idiots and maggots? Nope, "they" have got it TWISTED!! Yes, some people DID vote for him because he is black, just like some people DID NOT vote for him because he is black. There is nothing wrong with having lots of money (shucks wish i did) but it sure as hell don't make you untouchable to where you can just say ignorant ish and still expect people to vote for you? or maybe "those people" figured the good ole boys and some money could pull it off. Maybe next time it will be a hispanic that gets the Presidency, what what will happen then? Treat people the way you want to be treated and you will get better results, talking like democrats don't work and we all just sit around and get some damn welfare check. Hell I have been working since I was a teenager, and paid income tax every year. Yes some things with the welfare system needs to change but it is being taken advantage of by many people, and i would not be surprised to find some republicans lying to get benefits just like some of the democrats are. Put the white back in the white house, take back our country, wth?? Reality needs to set in...this is not your country, but wait...I believe it has set in and now if you can't own it (or at least feel like you do) you don't want any part of it. Well....bye, see ya, be breezy, adios, au revoir, aufWiedersehen, tot ziens, all meaning the same thing...GET TO STEPPING!!! and remember YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW and God said that!! One day we will all have to stand before God and give an account of what we have done! In the meantime...let the doorknob hit you where the good Lord split you! bye-bye

  • daniel scott - 12 years ago

    race is not the issue. obama is killing our country. he is digging our country in a deep hole. i only hope that i can move back to texas before they close there boarders. our rights are being squashed. obama wants to kill the middle class. there will only be rich and poor and he wants to give hand outs to all that want to suck this country dry. enough is enough. its time to stand up for our rights and our country. work hard for what you want. dont leech off of the tax payers. obama has spent more then all the other presidents combined and our country cant afford it. we cant impeach him because our blind government wont pass it. so it's time to secede peacefully or its time for civil war. i have fought for this country and i thank the Lord i did not have to serve under obama. tell me is it right that service men over seas got iou's because obama spent so much that our government could not afford to pay them. that is bull shit and things need to change. the USA is close to its end, only the people can save what is left of it. clearly our government is only in it for the money, and not for the people. it's time for change.

  • GoodVsEvil - 12 years ago

    Racism will always be present, because racism is evil. Blacks are not the only ones to have to deal with racism and they were not the first nor the only ones to go through slavery. I believe choosing to vote for a president of the United States because of his or her race is racist and does no support the constitution which is the president's responsibility. I am a patriot and appreciative of the freedoms I have as well as all who have fought for and to defend those same freedoms. Our country is in deep trouble and the people are the only ones who can save it. When it comes to a president, look at what he does not what he says and determine whether what he does is evil or not. This president does not support the constitution that our forefathers founded nor the independence that they fought for. And he was put in place by the ignorance of a racist and scared people.

  • TJ houston - 12 years ago

    I dont care what anybody says about Mr Obama,he deserves the same chance an support that every other president got.If some white people want to waist their time with all this succession bullshit,let them. I proudly voted for that educated black man,not only because he was black,but because i beleived he was sincere about his goals an agenda's.To me there is noway he could be any worse than any of the other lying,cheating,slave owning presidents of our history.He's not going to be a perfect president, but we still have a personal responsibility to help make this country great .The people that truly want that will work to make it happen,while the others sit on the sidelines and complain

  • Connie - 12 years ago

    To say people do not want obama because, he is black is so stupid, I am so sick of igronat people saying it is because, he is black well he is MIXED. It is not because, he is "Black" it is because of all his useless spending and what he is doing to this country, Alot of people voted for him just because, of the color of skin. Most of the people who voted for him didnt care any thing about his polictical veiws they just did it because of the color of his skin then therw a fit when people say they dont like him and want to play a race card I am so sick of black people whinning all the time about raciam, who cares you were never a slave this is 2012 people I am so sick of the race card that i want to pull my hair out. also look into it the light skinned blacks sold the dark skinned blacks to americans to be slaves so maybe you should be pissed at the light skinned blacks instead of white people and grow the hell up!! I am sick of black people always saying just cuz whites do not like someone who is black it is raciet. We do not have to like every one. Just because, somone is black doesnt mean we cant dis like them. WE CAN DISLIKE CERTIAN PEOPLE NO MATTER THIER SKIN COLOR !!! SO STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fed-up - 12 years ago

    Woooowwww racism is still alive they are just conceiling it until now...coming from the same ones who stole the Americas from the Aztecs and than the Indians...from the blood sweat and wipped backs of the Africans I dare you!!! I dare you spill such hatred amongst a nation that has broke barriers...I dare you show our enemies our weakness (hatred for ourselves) I dare you undo years of progress from both my anceisters and yours...If Americas is no longer your home than go with the Taliban and we'll show you too the strength of our true Americans!!!! Our nation says we are one nation under God not one nation under man (expecially the black man) So take your secession petition because in my state which Im very embarrassed is listed I haven't signed my john hancock to remove myself from anything!!!

  • Right! What! - 12 years ago

    I read through some of the comments and you should too especially LibertyorBust! I could say a lot about that one but why waste my time with someone whom is clearly delusional. Just for the record as a resident of Pa more whites receive public assistance then any other race but shhh were not suppose to know that. And I'm sure that's true for many other states. But that's neither here or there. Just take a look at history. The white man was the first immigrant, right? The first to introduce firearms and use them on a people with only hunting tools to steal what was not theirs to take, right? That's how they gained control of the Americas in the first place, right? What's the story of how Africans were bought here and why, hmmmm, right? You know what they say, people will drag your name through the mud or make promises of a new improve civilization only to cloud the minds of others while they plan their attack. The white Americans, not all but most, have been crude, evil, cunning, and lazy. They wouldn't even beast feed their own babies! They had our ancestors to do that also. That's enough for me, as a mother, I realize what kind of piece of sh-- we're dealing with, I can't imagine having my baby sucking on anybody else, no way, no how, hell to the NO! So don't be surprised that they still live by an unhonorable code! So since they have not changed why should we, right! Say what it is and don't let anyone tell u different, it's about race and not policies because quite frankly they should have questioned Bush policies and procedures, right! And how do they know what affects the Presidents policies will have if they have not been implemented for the most part. Bush Is why we're in this mess in the first place and the reason why so many died on 911 and in the war to follow. Believe me ignorance is a family that has lost a love or love ones in the war that followed 911 who actually voted for Romney so get a clue we know what sort of jerks we're dealing with. But as my mother has always said "White is Right". You've seen it at work no matter what they do they justify it or not but they do what they do because they have taken a stance of privilege. So they believe they have the privilege of screwing everyone who does not fit their criteria and they get away with unity. That's was why Willie Lynch methodically put a wedge between African Americans so they would be no unity among us and so while we're fighting their giving it to us right up the a--. One problem though, not all of us are fighting with one another we're actually paying attention. So to those people who have a problem and dont want to be affiliated with the US I say please be in it to win it and go hard as you have always done and "GO DISCOVER" get your passport or something and find you some other land to take over but this time enslave your own people and for once you do all the work. Elect who you want and don't forget to stop by Ellis Island on your way out! We'll throw you a great big Bon Voyage party idiots. Or go throw yourself off a cliff, dive in front of a bus, tractor trailer or something and stop your temper tantrums true Americans are over it already and moving on to the business of today, not yesterday, right! Besides your not listed on the ingredients of what makes the US the Most incredible Melting Pot in the world, the land of the free, and the home of the brave, right. You won't be missed. And BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND OUR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITES STATES PRESIDENT ELECT BARACK OBAMA!!!!

  • DefendingThePresident - 12 years ago

    I live in Texas and I was not a part of the vote for Texas to secede!!! Who are these few folks trying to speak for everyone!!!! They cannot vote for me!!! I want Texas to stay the way it is.. I think it is very stupid because they are mad at the President's re-election!! They are not looking at the BIG PICTURE as to what is involved with trying to Secede!!! Stop a minute and think things through and don't make a move off of anger!! That's how people get hurt!!!

  • John - 12 years ago

    It is not an issue of black or white. I want our president to succeed because, if he does, then we all do. It is an issue of taking the greatest nation in the world and turning it into a third-world, socialist state. Socialism doesn't work ... just like those individuals who benefit from socialism. They (people of all races, colors and creeds) sit on their collective rears and reap the rewards of those who work hard to earn a living and employ others. Those I exclude from this are those persons who have earned the right to receive benefits -- our veterans, our seniors, persons with legitimate disabilities -- but being lazy is not a disability and it is a problem of ALL races.

  • keisha - 12 years ago

    It makes me laugh when white folks always accuseing black folks of pulling the race long as we stay black,and beautiful race will always be an issue with white folks. People who can't seem t overstand the things they have put our people through. I call it infuriority. Don't hate us cause were beautiful. We try to forget but everyday prejudice reminds us everytime and time again. Keep in mind,whitey is a product of his ancestors. If they would have got off their lazy flat asses and built this country wiith their own sweat,blood and tears maybe just maybe ya wouldn't. Have this mess. Nah america would be half build.and if I'm wrong oh well. I voted for him yes cause he was black. Just like some voted againt him cause he was black. I feel I had to level the playing field. And I did it because I could! America baby do or die.

  • Tom Foolery - 12 years ago

    Perfectly said Charles Pearson, and to the idiot that said President Obama opened the flood gates for illegal's to enter this country, lets not forget Bush is the one that opened the borders, Bush signed the agreement with Vicente Foxx to open the borders and further more how is it white people are quick to call someone and illegal immigrant when White people were the first illegal immigrants.. And why the GOP think people stupid or idiots because you don't agree with them.. Lets not forget Herman Cain and how he was the best GOP had to offer and how they did everything in their power yo destroy him, and now they sit here and say its not about race.. It is always about race to some people white, black, brown, yellow.. Now they are showing their true colors since the election, and its sad to say its all white people.. and before you ask my race I am a middle aged white male from Texas

  • Sick and Tired - 12 years ago

    I'm so Sick and Tired of these people making a big damn deal out of nothing. Face the fact that President Obama is back in the chair whether these people going to accept it or not. I find it funny that since the election people has started changing against one another. On the jobs especially there have been 25 people where i work at fired for making stupid comments. Fights have broken out and it just don't make any sense. So in my opinion OUR PRESIDENT IS BLACK GET A LIFE AND GET OVER IT. IF YOU FEEL YOU WANT TO LEAVE THE UNITED STATES THEN GET THE HELL ON SO YOU CAN MAKE MORE ROOM FOR PEOPLE LIKE US WHO ARE PROUD TO BE AMERICANS REGARDLESS OF WHO IS IN THE CHAIR. REMEMBER THIS BUSH MESSED THIS COUNTRY UP BEFORE HE GOT OUT THE CHAIR. OBAMA IS ONLY ONE MAN WHOSE CLEANING UP THE BS THAT WAS LEFT BEHIND. SO TO ALL THAT DON'T LIKE IT Y'ALL KNOW WHAT Y'ALL CAN DO!!!!!!!!!

  • Praying without Ceasing - 12 years ago

    This is so hilarious!! Instead of these idiots trying to work with Pres. Obama to get their states back to a high regard, get their businesses to open up worthy jobs, to get their state government to listen to their people and make some changes internally; they have time to create a petition and then allow their buddies to sign it. I live in Texas and I didn't see a petition. All of these Romney fans need to suck it up and get over it that he was just not cut out for the job.
    Let's get this country back together before we really have terrorist problems because we are so divided!!!!!!!!!

  • obama by popular choice - 12 years ago

    It's just like this if it was a white man elected four years ago none of this would be said and no talk of a secede would be in the talks. I'm just over thrown with the names that have been called and the way Americans have acted out. Look in the mirror because all of you speaking are straight racist and you will have to give account before God because thou shall not judge, Obama inherited bushes trash but Yall didn't say anything when all those lives were taken in the twin towers but yet and still Yall sit here like Yall are perfect and have forgotten about what this man has accomplished for America thus far. And to the one who said its pure ignorance no its your ignorance to speak out because it shows your a racist and your lost. Obama you hold your head up and do what you have been elected to do don't let bitter ignorance from simple minded Americans stop what you have been chosen to do. And Yall wanted a mormon to lead the country my goodness I see how America is messes up because Yall will take anyone as long as there not African American, Yall have stolen everything invention we have created and claimed it sad. Not all are ignorant only the ones raised to be a racist. God help you and may he have mercy on yalls soul. Hatred is sinful and I turn my back on Yall cause none of you are Godly cause last time I checked its only one bible and the words haven't changed. My my so sad.

  • Melissa - 12 years ago

    Until we become one nation as a whole, we will be divided. Thanks Richard Beaver! I totally agree !!

  • liberty or bust - 12 years ago

  • Obamaisawhiteman - 12 years ago

    Obama could have been the president that brought everyone together. He is HALF bladk and half WHITE! It's true! So, anyone who would vote for him or not vote for him because he is black...has not done their homework and voted based on ignorance. He could have been the president that painted the picture of the nation that our forefathers dreamed of... a melting pot. Instead, he painted a picture of government take over. That's what it is all about. People who want control of their own lives don't want Obama. People who want independence and freedom don't want Obama. Ignorant people base their vote on race. If that is you...then you are ignorant. If you think people want to secede for a stupid reason like race...then you are ignorant. Racism is ignorance. Period.

  • Liberty Or Bust - 12 years ago

    As stated previously not one of you Obama supports can hold a political debate.
    Not one of you has provided any opposition to our objects with policy.
    Your lack of interest in education has proved that you are unarmed when it comes to a political conversation. All you can do is be the victim and play the race card.
    I guess when your living off the system you do not need to be politically informed or intelligent.

  • Irritated just a tadbit and foresee some problems - 12 years ago

    My oh my what is the world coming to. First off since Obama has been in office a lot of stuff has slipped through the cracks-like someone shooting at the white house or a bullet penetrating through, someone crashing the dinner party held at the white house, and not to mention the foolishness from people making racial slurs-public officials at that. SMH. This is Ridiculous. History indeed has been made there has never and I hope I live to see it but may never be another black person but at the end of the day as many years as African American have put up with the SEVERE prejudice, inequality, riding the back of the bus, separations, poor treatement and living conditions I never heard of anyone asking for a request to secede from the Union. LMAO. I YES INDEED think that race has a major factor , and thats a shame if one is against him be against him because he is not holding it down as a president not because of his skin. I am so glad that I was not around in slavery era--I know I would have got hung- I refuse to allow anybody talk to me any kind of way unless I'm working and that person never has to see me but no no no my God my God. #laughing but shaking my head at the same time

  • Sounding Off - 12 years ago

    It is extremely sad that in this day and age, we are still racially ignorant. The fact that there are some people that are still hung up on the race of our president as a basis for their wanting to "secede" is one of the most IDIOTIC things i've ever heard and makes me embarrassed to even be in the the same country with these people. It's kind of funny that these same people had no issues when Bush was making a mockery of our troops by sending them overseas to search for "weapons of mass destruction". Eh, where are they? Last I remember, everything that Obama has been trying to fix was left by that sorry ass idiot Bush. I don't think that you guys are angry because he's black. I think you guys are angry because Romney didn't get his chance to further Bush's mess. If you do not like the results of the election, it's plain and simple: Get a passport and get the hell out the country. Believe me, the country will do much better with having bigots to screw it up

  • lucybluez - 12 years ago

    Bush ruined the country and none of you had anything to say, his own party didn't let him speak at the RNC and did everything they could do to distance themselves from the wreckage that was his second term, but Obama gets re-elected and people want to secede. GET A GRIP!!!

  • Derek - 12 years ago

    This is typical that a self pronounced "black" news organization would report that racism is the only possible reason for outrage. I think it is ridiculous to state that and in doing so only creates fuel for seperation between races in this country. I am white and my choice for president would have been Herman Cain. That may not be a good choice but I liked him more than the others. Where is the racism in that??!! What the black community in this country doesn't seem to understand is that if you would stop yelling racism every time something doesn't go your way, racism would stop completely. There is far too much ignorance in this country as it is. Please stop adding to it!!

  • Liberty Or Bust - 12 years ago

    The choice to leave the this country is not one of racism. It not because of what color the skin our president has. It is the decisions he has made and the decisions he will make.
    It is the fact that people realize that Obama is fiscally irresponsible and does not represent or understand the proper bushiness cycle that can save this country. He will always drag us into debt and he will never make any real spending cuts. He will continue to enforce such terrible policy as the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization act. He will continue to take Us to war with out using congress to declare it. He will raise taxes to fix all problems given the as-well as increase the power of the federal government at any given opportunity.

    With the above paragraph you can tell I follow politics and from the posts that just play the race card you can tell who does not. Please under stand that the people that want to build a nation of liberty are not raciest. We want the government that our forefathers gave us. The same people that fled outrageous taxes and oppressive rule. We now want freedom and liberty when we can see that it will be taken away.

    To clarify my intentions I would like to state I DID NOT VOTE FOR ROMNEY. I voted for Gary Johnson and would have voted for Ron Paul if Romney did not buy the RNC and use a lawyer to manipulate the convention and race to the convention.
    Over one million american made the decision i did and it went ignored, we now act in the only way we can by voting for something that isn't fixed. Our voice will be herd as we demand liberty, fiscal responsibility and a leader that will not spend out tax-dollars like they are burning a hole in his pocket.

  • Against Class Warfare - 12 years ago

    The most vicious, name-calling comments are from Obama supporters...??? Why can't you state your opinion without using foul language and calling everyone "ignorant f___ks"? Just because peoples opinions differ, doesn't mean their ignorant and illiterate. Civility would be nice for a change.

  • Against Class Warfare - 12 years ago

    Every voter that voted for Romney agreed with his policies - they aren't racists any more than the voters that voted for Obama are predjudiced against Romney's religion. This blog is nothing more than successfully creating division amongst our citizens. It's disgraceful, but it's also freedom of speech...

  • Common Sense - 12 years ago

    You liberals are such ignorant morons. You haven't a clue. Blacks are the only racists...why else do they support Obama 97%? Answer that you stupid idiots.

  • Shauna - 12 years ago

    This is ABSOLUTELY a race issue and is evidenced by just reading these ignorant ass comments. Too bad they don't have pics of everyone because I can almost bet MOST of you are WHITE! What's amazing to me is how you can speak so badly of someone and you haven't a clue about what's really going on! Do you personally know this man? I think NOT! This whole country is messed up because of GEORGE BUSH!!!!! PERIOD!!!! And before all you racist fucks comment on something, how about you become literate. Learn how to spell and how to speak before you bash someone with 10 times the intelligence that you have. How about reading over your comments before you post them...look for spelling errors! You are so stupid and disrespectful! Bottomline, the PEOPLE voted for him! Maybe I would have voted for Romney if I made 7 figures or more because they are the ONLY people he cares about! If you don't like who YOUR president is...get the fuck out of America!! Simple as that.....can't stand stupid ass ignorant folks!!

  • YouSayYouWantaRevolution - 12 years ago

    Just cause he's black doesn't mean he is going to help minorities. Another illusion. Hitler created a healthcare plan too.

  • YouSayYouWantaRevolution - 12 years ago

    He signed the NDAA, enabling him to detain any citizen without a trial. He said he would not ban guns and signed a small guns treaty quietly behind our backs. He tried to pass SOPA, to censor the internet so we couldnt share information like this, that is not broadcast on tel lie vision. Not to protect the children cause clearly internet predators have been around for over a decade. He appointed Michael Taylor, head of Monsanto, to president of YOUR FDA. Do you know what Monsanto is? Do you know what the NDAA is? Do you know who has killed twice as many people than under the Bush administration? Bush sucked, Romney sucks,Obama Sucks. There were 5 parties to choose from but your tv only shows you 2. Why? "Presidents are selected not elected."-FDR The illusion of choice. "If voting really made a difference they wouldn't let us do it."-Mark Twain Sure you hear plenty of ignorants complain about race, but those of us paying attention and doing our own research are sick of having our constitutional rights taken away One by One. Before you respond, do some research on what I've said. I've given you facts, please do not respond with your opinion. You can google anything I've said if you doubt me.

  • Richard Beaver - 12 years ago

    That is part of the point made is that the voting demographic numbers have changed in this country. To think that race is not and will not be an issue is just putting your head in the sand, Obama is representation of the new demographic, he represents the minoritys in the nation, blacks, hispanics, women, the disabled. The current main Republican platform represents the finanical sector which has found out by their loss that minorities may have not power we they stand alone, they do when they band together. Look at the real statistics in this election, urban areas pulled toward Obama, urban meaning large metropolitain areas or areas of high concectrations of people. The rural areas went the other way, any study of population concentrations show there are more people living in cities than are living in the rural areas, so just by virtue of their numbers the cities will win, even in the red states like texas look at the votes of the cities, Dallas and many other went for Obama. Race is not always a negative, it has power, what white, concervative America must understand that white vote alone won't win in national elections anymore. The Republicans didn't reach out with programs or ideas that included the minorities in this nation and they responded. If and I am sure they will, change their platform to be more inclusive as opposed to exlcusive they will fare better. Romney was just a bad choice for the Republican party, he had no personal chrisama and he made no real effort to win the minority vote because he felt like many of the Republican stratigists that if they throw enough money at it then they have it in the bag. And if the fact that Obama is black isn't an issue then why did a white Repulican representitive from the Carolinas shout "Liar" in the middle of a presidential address? Even Nixon didn't have that happen. Maybe a good amount of the U.S. isn't racist, I would like to think so, but the people you elect and put in Congress are sure making you seem that way. Remember these people are "representing" your state. Their voice is just supposed to be an echo of their constituants, as is said can't have it both ways. Either they speak for you and represent your ideals or they have run off track and need to be corraled in. When we elected Obama we sent the message to the world that we are a country of freedoms and liberty, and the basic fact is that like it or not he was elected, time to quit whining and lets start working to better ourselves. One person no matter how high up and powerful they are....are just that one person. People act like Obama somehow personally spent all that money, the whole of our goverment did that. And oh, the Supreme Court didn't rule The Affordable Care Act unconstitutional, if you missed the news and other facts, it was upheld with the deciding vote made by the Chief Justice. I am not just spouting unreiable heresay or undocumented evidence or statistics, the information is there for anyone to read or find. Ask a student majoring in Political Science or Sociology and they can show you but I warn you reading the real numbers is a long process, so give it the effort it is worth or not up to you. I can explain it to you but can't understand it for you.

  • Christy - 12 years ago

    I think this has to be one of the most ignorant websites I've ever seen. It truly is a shame that people still look at color that way. If you had enough sense you would know why so many people are unhappy. Shame on you for pulling the race card. And how many years are you going to give Obama before it's not Bush's fault anymore??? Please do your research from reliable sources before posting such ignorant comments. It would be wrong of me to say that there are no white people that didn't vote for him because of race but what about the black people who DID vote for him because he was black? You don't seem too upset about that. It goes both ways.

  • Marie Davis - 12 years ago

    This is not about race, at least not for me. I voted for Obama during the first election bc I believed he would make a difference in a good way. I did not vote for him 2nd election bc of his lack of respect for this country. Even Supreme Court ruled Obamacare unconstitutional and yet its still goin to happen, bc we are Obamacare is now the law of the land? Has any of you bothered to look up how many layoffs have happened since the election bc businesses have to find a way to deal with the cost of it? Or the fact that employers are cutting their people from full time to part to save money.How is that going to help our economy? He refuses to wear to the flag 9/11 pin bc he doesnt like what it represent. (Patriotism) Sorry NONE of the reasons I stated have ANYTHING to do with race. People are doing this bc they feel their voice isnt being heard by anyone in the government.

  • Richard Beaver - 12 years ago

    When you push somthing off a slippery slope often you have to let it get to the bottom before you can get it back to the top by using other methods. Anyone who says or thinks that race isn't and hasn't been an issue in the election and treatment of this president is either a liar or a fool or both. The disrespect people have shown to this man is not job related it is race related. I am white and have heard the discussions that are had when no one of color is about and its disgraceful and hypocriticial the way people are acting. The Iraq and Afganistan wars were not paid for by asking the country to sacirifice to support them as was any conflict we had in the past, taxes always were imposed and limitations on some products was implimented, remember gas rationing or victory gardens? The funding for these conflicts came from borrowed monies, at times in excess of 1 billion dollars a week, (1,000,000,000), anyone with any finicial sense at all knows you can't spend with revenue. Revenue that was slashed by Bush's tax cuts to the wealthy. As Clinton said so eloqently, "...the math doesn't add up..." Romney would have followed the same policy. Everyone who is against President Obama carefully omits any of this. The amount that was spent in fighting these wars when one takes into account the loss of military hardware is beyond the imaginings of ordainary Americans. Case in point, where is the sense to fly a steath bomber against a country with no defences to aircraft of any type, fly it from Missouri to Iraq or Afganistan, drop a mulitmillion dollar bomb, i.e. smart bomb, on a mud brick hut that costs less the 100$ to build or rebuild. Yet this happened so often it became routine. Better wake up middle America, quit feeding in to what in the end is racist rant. You want to change America? Tell your politicians you want money spent at home. In the end it should be a pox on both their houses, (Republican and Democrat) because they are both feeding you a line. Both canidates spent over a billion dollars to get elected. The super-PACs spent an equivilent amount on each side. Now that we have decided on a leader and make no bones about it, a leader was chosen, if you were on the losing side then suck it up soldier, now is the time to do your duty for your country not complain, 2016 is coming make your voice heard then. Fact is, Romney was a bad canidate period, he lost to McCain for god's sake, he was a weak canidate in too many ways to even come close to beating an incumbent but that the incumbent was black is really the issue for far too many people who should know better and act better. Republicans should have ran Gov. Christie and then they would have won. When Carter was in they ran Reagan, this time they ran Romney; that is because any Republican canidate who would have been a strong presence knew that with the current platform the Republicans are pushing they couldn't have won either. Like it or not voting blocks and voting power has changed in America, that is a fact they ignored in this election cycle with the results that were shown. It comes down to the saying that so many Republicans like to trot out when someone complains about their policies, "...America, love it or leave it...", never really thought it was a particularly good thing to say and now it has come home to roost. But there it is closet racists in the U.S. the shoe is on the other foot, if ya don't like it leave, there is a new order coming, its not socialist, its not communistic, it is democratic, bought and paid for and voted in, get with the program. And do some reading of real information, not some fool on the internet.

  • Robyn - 12 years ago

    it's just doesn't make sense at all , we problem and issues we as people need to work out instead of some bullshit about suceed because he was re elected I am sick tired of people think we won because of color of skin I voted for Obama because I have trust him with me and my family lives as far me able to go back to school for my associates degree and also in healthcare field for 10 yrs and the president has able to come with people that have medical issue and no insurance has found an for all people to received the health care they deserve. AND I SO MAD BECAUSE I LIVE IN ONE OF 20 STATES THAT REPRESENT THIS SHIT BUT WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER WHERE I REGISTER TO VOTE WAS THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA WHERE I WAS BORN AND RAISED.

  • Robyn - 12 years ago

    it's just doesn't make sense at all , we problem and issues we as people need to work out instead of some bullshit about suceed because he was re elected I am sick tired of people think we won because of color of skin I voted for Obama because I have trust him with me and my family lives as far me able to go back to school for my associates degree and also in healthcare field for 10 yrs and the president has able to come with people that have medical issue and no insurance has found an for all people to received the health care they deserve. AND I SO MAD BECAUSE I LIVE IN ONE OF 20 STATES THAT REPRESENT THIS SHIT BUT WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER WHERE I REGISTER TO VOTE WAS THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA WHERE I WAS BORN AND RAISED.

  • T. Talavera - 12 years ago

    I don't think it's about race...I think it's about these sad little people throwing a tantrum because they couldn't get their way...end of story...cause if you really think about it... It would have been the same way if Hilary Clinton was elected as well...

  • Charles Pearson - 12 years ago

    This is about race 100% and everyone knows it! I'm not going to sit here and say President Obama is the greatest and that I agree with all of his decisions but people need to get over the fact that he is better then Romney. Romeney was the worst candidate that the GOP could support and even the GOP said it prior to him recieving the nomination. Romney is a greedy liar who was going to be a puppet like Bush was to his father, Karl Rove, Sheldon Miriam, and anyone else with limitless money and part of some secret society. We all live our lives everyday with dissapointments and have to deal with things we don't like. We have bosses we don't like so are we going to quit our jobs or dissrespect our boss? Not likley. It is sad that this election has caused so much division and I know if it were 2 white canidates this would not be an issue. People like to say that they are not racist but your actions don't show it. You can't pick and choose when "black" is alright and when its not. Don't like our music, entertainers, athletes, preachers, food, culture, etc. when it convient for you but you don't want a "black man" to lead the country. There is no way a black could have done what lying Mitt did and would get the same support. Monday: Say something wrong. Tuesday: Get scrutinized for saying it. Wednesday: Change his viewpoint. Thursday: Lie to the American people and say he didn't say it or that's not what he meant! It doesn't make any sense to try to convince ,as white people say "you people" that you need to do some soul searching as to the real reason that you feel this way but it is a shame and you may as well get used to it because we now know the power of the vote, we know how you really think and feel about us as a race. Thank GOD all white people are not ignorant like this and that most white people know that skin color does not define an individual. You may as well get used to it, we are going to work where you work, live in your city, live next door to you, our kids are going to school with your kids and it is nothing nobody is going to be able to do about it. We all were forced to except each other to a certain degree and you know what, it was a great thing. The sooner folks lose that false sense of superiority the better we will get along. The United States is a country that GOD brought together and no man will be able to seperate it so if you don't like it then leave! Together we stand and divided we fall! This is a whole other world now full of geniune white people that are not racist, bi-racial people and relationships, gays that hate discrimination, mutiple races that feel the effects of racism and hate it, immigrants that want the American dream. Love it or leave this is not the same America its not as good in some ways but its better in many. I know times are hard for many and they thought Mitt was going to bring jobs but he wasn't and to be honest I don't know how President Obama is going to, I doubt that he or any politician can unless they personally open up a business and do some hiring. As the GOP would say and I agree with them get of your ass and make it happen for yourself that's what America is all about make something for your self! If you consider yourself "white" but a black person an "African-American" you consider this "your country" and not that black persons as if they were not born here and resided here their whole life. That's not right. We pay taxes and fight for our country too what makes this just "your country". Rather you like it or not Barack Obama is the President of the United States and he should be address as President Obama not but his full name like you grew up with him and know him personally and if you have a problem addressing as such you should really take a look at yourself, how can anyone esteem President Bush more than President Obama is beyond me. Lord, God Bless America! Each and everyone of us white, black, brown yellow, and and any other color!

  • ryan - 12 years ago

    I'm personally pissed off at the whole federal government. I would've voted for Bill Cosby is he'd fix this crap. Race isn't a factor. Look @ the mess made by these clowns!

  • Sandra Taylor - 12 years ago

    What a crock of crap. Why can't these people understand we are tired of not being represented by our so-called president. And anyone who said that noone called Bush a liar needs to go to you tube and watch the videos from CNN, MSNBC, ABC,CBS,NBC,BBC. and all of the democratic pundits from Fox News. Get off this racist BS and start realizing that we are tired of this do nothing, playing around, vacationing,golf playing,hollywood ass kissing president. He introduced 1 bill in 4 years and noone not even senate democrats voted for it! He shows up for a photo op in New York and he was off campaigning again. Bush on the other hand took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves and worked at both Katrina and 9-11. It is time Obama realized who works for who. HE WORKS FOR US. HE SHOULD HAVE TO PRESS A TIME CLOCK IF HE AIN'T WORKING HE AIN'T GETTING PAID! I am not racist I AM PISSED!

  • Julia DuPlessis - 12 years ago

    Not A RACE PROBLEM, Blaming RACE is a cop out!!!!! The person that holds the presidents office is not capable of running this country for many reasons, too many to mention. First and Main reason, his heart is not in this country. That does not take a brain surgon to see. The youth, the single women and the single mothers in this country have just taken a step down in controlling their own lives. They are too ignorent, literally, to see what they have voted for that will impact them. Some will eventually see and some will never see and do not want to take the high ground for thier families. It is a sad time for these United States! But Those that are driving our country away from GOD, will regret it eventually. GOD is in control and I think they have forgotten that. Now where are the Dems in the North East? YOu in the Northeast voted for them!!!! Where are they? The private sector are the ones coming through. My church took up a collection for you. You will see less private money coming your way this time around because of what our country is about to see and feel.

  • Michael Cupp - 12 years ago

    myself I don't believe it is about race,to me it's more about incompetence and without a doubt Obama is incompenant the liberals still blame Bush, no bush had a debt but he also had 2 wars.Obama claimed he ended the war in Iraq but in reality that was pre- planned by Bush and Congress,with Obama he has not only doubled the debt since Bush, he shoved Health Care down our throats with exemptions to Mc-Donalds and several other large employer's in this country, If you recall Nancy Pelosi said "we will have to pass this bill to see what it contains" Obama has refused to set immigration laws instead he opened up the border's for more illegal's to enter this country for the sake of Democratic votes. Obama has also shown total disrespect for Isearal which is one of our strongest allies,no to me it's not about race at all it's about Incompetence. It's time to stop blaming Bush that is just an excuse at this point to hide Obama's lack of political experince.

  • dawn marie - 12 years ago

    Racial???? so not so.... change??? what happened to those first speeches. this is about life and money and how the President was bought - this is about principles and respect to those that have in good faith good citizens! I am changing my beliefs from elephant to an ass, since this president has shown disrespect to my life and so many others, I will not work for the gov't and to the rest of the donkeys, so I will join them no work, no home, no spending, no college, no care for anyone but myself.... I am in for now, but as is well known Elephants do not forget and have the greatest regard to the herd and family values... when this returns to respect than BS I will be back!!

  • Kathleen - 12 years ago

    No, I do not believe this is a race issue. Obama had clearly won last election due to white people as well as the black community voting for him. The discrepancy's at the polls are what is fueling the outcome of the election. People are feeling disenfranchised. Military votes not being counted, electronic voting machines changing votes and 3 million republican votes disappearing without reason is enough to have people talking and looking into election rigging. I for one had my vote rejected 3 times. Something definitely went wrong on election day that must be addressed, regardless of the color of your skin. We may very well have had a different outcome had things not been so conveinently undermined.

  • voted for america - 12 years ago

    Never has any president been disrespected in public events by his so called peers senators ,congress to be called a liar while giving a speech no one ever did that to bush and he was always lying. Its a race thing. Yes people voted for him because of race. Now people want to secede or assassinate him. Never in my lifetime has a president been treated like this. It is hard to get policies done if no one works with him. The choice was clear

  • Donovan Reilly - 12 years ago

    It is not a race issue at all and anyone that thinks so is in fact voting due to race.The reason for the petitions is due to the fact that Barack Obama has done nothing to help the people of the USA and We The People will no be HEARD.

  • Frustrated - 12 years ago

    Of course this is due to race and had Romney won this wouldn't have been in existence. Everyone faults Obama for the economy not being at it's best but fail to mention the mess he has had to clean up courtesy of Bush and the fact that he battling the Senate every way he turns. This is racism at it's finest and it's a sad thing to see in 2012. Obama won get over it.

  • Danielle - 12 years ago

    Its a race thing period. For someone to say it isnt is a slap in the face.. like telling someone whos been around the world that it isnt round. Obama has spent the past 4 years cleaning up what Bush did in 8. the whole reason to throw Barack in the loop was to put him in, let him take the blame and pullum out so that sumone else can come and take the cake. Durng the past four years Obama has created a health plan, Captured 3 of the the terrorist Bush couldnt while in office and has lead this country with a dignity, and the hope of change. Since he has taken office his pride has been the source of frustration. why shouldnt he be prideful? isnt that what we want our leader to be? smh would it be better if he looked down at his feet and had low sunken shoulders? hmmm.. its most deff a race thang.

  • Concerned Citizen - 12 years ago

    don't blame it on race, be honest and give credit to the fact that BHO is diggin our county into a hole and half of hte country doesn't want to continue down the same path we have been lead for the past 4 years

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