Do you think Halle Berry should have been allowed to relocate to France?

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Posted 7 years.


  • A Concerned Mother - 7 years ago

    The utmost safety of the child should be considered in this and any situation. If Madonna's bodyguards had to shoot this stalker that is a BIG red flag. Halle Berry has not only one but TWO stalkers. Not to mention the very over-zealous paparazzi in this country, with NO limits to their intrusiveness and abusiveness of celebrities. Both parent possess above average financial means and the father is part French. Why shouldn't this option be considered? Why couldn't she reside with her mother in France. As a divorced Mom, I can tell you that the custodial parent basically has their life "run" by authorities until the child is 18, while the non-custodial parent gets to do whatever they want. Not fair.

  • hiw - 7 years ago

    she can go but the child should stay in here.

  • "China" - 7 years ago

    Who knows what a stalker will do, if he can't get Halle then the daughter is the next best prey. If it was me I would leave and go as far away from here as possible for my safety and my childs'. Aubry is not in any way worried because he can always get another woman and have another child - what's the big deal, sounds like he's being spiteful, at least he will know where they are and he can come and go as he pleases.

  • A Great Dad - 7 years ago

    Women want it both ways. They complain about dead beat dads and then at first glance when a new man comes around, they are quick to try and create a NEW family. Listen up women! REAL dads LONG to see their children EVERYDAY, and they long to get hugs and kisses from their children EVERY night before bed and see them EVERY MORNING off to school. To assume that because this model has money that it's ok for him to fly to France to see his daughter for a few hours over a weekend, then fly back home is MENTAL RETARDEDNESS. You actually have to have a retarded mind to somehow think a man's love and desire to be near his children is different from a womans. Stop confusing child support with men missing their children. STOP THE RETARDED THINKING!

  • bren - 7 years ago

    Halle wanted to get her daughter away from Aubrey and the courts stopped her from doing that. Good.

  • Leslie - 7 years ago

    They have joint custody, they both have plenty of money--dad could come and visit or daughter could be flown to US as frequently as they wanted to do it.
    Most divorced/separated parents don't have equal time, & there's no good reason that the adults in this situation can't work it out.

  • Monté - 7 years ago

    He is a French Canadian model. He has his own money for travel. He is not poor he can travel. She is not poor either her daughter can fly home to spend time with her dad. It's not a huge issue. They are making it one because it's Halle Berry.

  • katie - 7 years ago

    He should not have to be seperated from his daughter bc of her fame. they both should should up the security for her and her daughter. the stalker is after halle, not her daughter and she was that concerned she would let her daughter stay with the father until she is safe.

  • ann - 7 years ago

    The papporottzi is stalking her every move...britney spears/nicole kidman/tom cruise and his wife//paris hilton/linsay lohan to mention a few have been hounded and stalked for years.
    haley should be allowed to take her daughter away for her own safety. he doesn't want the kid ..he just wants the money....hopeful that in the future she will be able to take her to france..

  • wanda - 7 years ago

    The child should not be separated from her father unless he was a threat or danger to her.

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