Is Cornel West Fighting For Poverty Or Ego?


  • Deborah - 11 years ago

    I dismissed Cornel at first, but the more I listened to what he was saying, I believe he is actually correct in his message. Unfortunately, we are the only minority group that just gives our vote away and don't require anything for it. That is why we only hear from Obama when it is election time. I do believe that Obama has heard the "poverty" issue of Cornel because since his re election he has added the phrase "and people who are trying to reach the middle class" to his mandate to help the middle class. That phrase is his way of referring to the poor rather than use the word poverty; that is because he doesn't want to anger the whites who unfairly associate poverty with black people.

  • Niesy - 11 years ago

    As an African American woman, I expect this type of ignorance from less productive white people, but coming from a black man is nothing but pure jealousy on Dr. Cornell's part!! What has HE done to help President Obama? Not a damn thing! Running your mouth, being blantenly disrespectful, and calling President Obama out of his name is unacceptable and it shows pure, downright ignorance! I guess looking like a broke down Don King has screwed with his judgment of Pres. Obama. Get some real business, Dr. and your silly azz brother!! Stop being so jealous!

  • Janice - 11 years ago

    As my grandmother would say, "You can catch a lot more flies with honey, than with a lemon".
    Brother West should grab himself a BIG glass of shut up juice, go somewhere and SIT DOWN.

  • delores - 11 years ago

    President Obama has done a superb job (better than any other president) trying to represent all the people of America. Thank God His legacy will not be judged by two people who do not intelligence to realize they need a hair cut (or atleast comb it) and a shave,. With out a middle class there is no hope for the poor. He is trying to undo all the inequities leved on the country ove the past century.

  • Asmith - 11 years ago

    I would say he is fighting for 70% poverty and 30% ego. I know he loves to talk and hear himself talk, but I think he means well for the people but I don't appreciate him disrespecting my President like a lot of other ignorant people do! He is the most disrespected President ever! Give this man the respect he deserves already! That's pisses me off!

  • John - 11 years ago

    I think democracy is about freedom and the responsibility that comes along with it. Dr. West needs to be careful not to inadvertently place himself in the same one dimensional and detached category as Mitt Romney who views the world through the eyes of the privileged with very little empathy for anyone else. Dr. West is intelligent even brilliant but to only view the world idealogically undermines his intelligence. I can have all the 'ideals' I want about being a man, father, and citizen but if I don't put them into practice it means NOTHING! My children can't eat off my ideals and this country doesn't live off ideals without action. President Obama won re-election because of his capacity to represent ALL of America not just Black America...that takes a delicate balance between ideals, practice and integrity. Dr. West, please seek the
    opportunity to work with The President instead of acting like a crab in a barrel...with ALL due respect, I respect my elders but my parents taught me two things that apply. 'There's no fool like an ol' fool!' and 'educated dummies' please Dr. West don't be either!

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