Should the upper cut bus driver have lost his job?

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  • Dunedragon - 7 years ago

    If everyone who made a rash decision after being assaulted is to be fired, then the world just doesnt make sense. As long as his actions cannot be labelled as a criminal or civil infringement, he shouldnt lose his job. He should be penalized, demotion (???), pay cut or whatever, but not to lose his job. I still find it hard to believe if someone spat on the lovely Karen at work, that she would just look for a supervisor to report the incident with out some physical retort or her just decide "time to start looking for vacancies in the newspaper", then THWAAAP!!!.

    I just keep thinking of Chill getting spat on in her cubical, then cut to a shot of Earth from space while a mushroom cloud erupts!

  • Mr. Spann - 7 years ago

    Hell nah, he should have been able to keep his job. I hope they have a union and they actively fight to get his job back. People can't just feel as though they can do whatever they hell they want to you and get away with it. Because I guarantee you that she won't be jumping up in somebody's face that she don't know that quick again. Get yo ass on the bus, sit the fuck down and shut up! Why is that such a hard concept. And if you put your hands on somebody, expect to be dealt with accordingly.

  • SpcMtn (Space Mountain) - 7 years ago

    As A person who uses public transportation I would prefer people to leave the driver by, have their money or card ready to swipe, and don't stress out the person who has my life in his hands. That girl violated all 3 plus spit on a the driver and said she would whip is mama ass. In conclusion she deserved every bit of that uppercut. People keep saying he should have accepted it as he choose to work in the public, yes he had other options but as a patron of a service we don't have the right to fuck with niggas at work. The same reason you don't argue with your waiter in fear of eating chicken fried spit is the same reason you should let the man drive the bus and quit tryna ride for free or hold the bus up playing like you don't have your money. She should have bobs and weaved....well she had the weave part covered

  • da_ticklah - 7 years ago

    Every job has the workplace violence policy if you hit folks your fired end of story. Add in that this nigga was adding color commentary on the ass whooping talking about "you're going to jail now" no nigga you going to jail that shit is called assault.

    Don't get me wrong that shit was funny as fuck to watch but you know you gotta get fired for that shit.

  • P. Andre Joseph - 7 years ago

    You cant hit someone, on video, in uniform, while on the clock, as a representative of the company and expect to keep your job. Esp if that someone is a woman, regardless of her behavior he should have followed the company guidelines for that situation. These rules are spelled out every year during mandatory annual trainings. He knew the rules and probably has a signature acknowledging that he is aware of them. He has no excuses.

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