Who would win Lightning or Superman

  • aajayunlimited - 4 years ago

    Those humanoids with proper insulation such as Green Lantern, Magneto, or the Juggernaut could defeat a lightning of electrical foe. Superman's anatomy is humanoid(kryptonian) and--as long as he isn't properly insulated or has a shield--lightning says to him, "I'm an assassin who's going to kill you easily; you're not so tough." Superman never backs down and, as is the case with an assassin's bullet hitting a person, Superman is dead or TKO'd permanently!

  • aajayunlimited - 4 years ago

    Lightning stops the heart and potentially the brain with relatively small amounts of electricity in comparison with the voltage in an actual lightning bolt. So, if a hero or villain can either take advantage of his no kill policy(Storm: for which she can then do what she did to Sabertooth in the train station AND in a well written comic book that would be a kill for a humanoid) or take an electrical form(Electro, Livewire, and the Living Lightning would win easily if Superman could not very, very quickly counteract their energy forms in a well written comic battle). In my opinion, a humanoid SUPERHERO would have a near impossible chance at defeating an electrical or lightning wielding foe due the humanoid's physiology!

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