Do you support Israel's action in Gaza?

Posted 6 years.


  • Jaysen - 6 years ago

    It is unfortunate that innocent people are getting hurt or killed, but with every choice there is a consequence, either good or bad. If you are going to toss bombs over the fence, expect to get bombs tossed back. I always hear people talking about rights, but I don't hear people talking about their responsibilities. Instead of trying to think of what 'I' can get, how about asking what 'I' can give and get rid of the selfish attitudes that has caused so much grief.

  • sean watters - 6 years ago

    the one answer to the question is worded badly (Yes, they have a right to defend themselves) because of coures every one has the right to defend them selves but whn you kill inoccent people dont they have a right to defend them selves. to what degree is defending your self turn into you being the agressor like killing people invading some ones proporty and belifes.. their was deffently a better way for them to get peace.... this also goes for the humas and palistinens

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