Do you think Kevin Clash is guilty of having sex with minors?


  • jamz - 11 years ago

    Those kids knew how old he was. They got off on the knowledge that he was elmo. Kids are smart. They consented to the sex then and they probably still deal with older men now.

  • porcha - 11 years ago

    I do not think he did that. But people you have to understand this is a person that we looked up to growing up and our kids watch sesame street, so he doesn't wanna be looked at as the bad guy for something he didn't do, let alone for us to think different and not want our kids to watch. What people do in private has nothing to do with us but the people that those boys are makes it hard to have a personal life. Stay in a child's place and stop trynna be so damn grown.......

  • LeeleeCheakey - 11 years ago

    He didn't do that, them lil bitches want money from that man!!!!! It's sad that this had to happen , but what goes on in the dark comes to the light!!!

  • maria - 11 years ago

    This was consensual sex

  • Ty - 11 years ago

    Money hungry whores

  • trice - 11 years ago

    I do not think he's guilty I can't understand why would people stoop so low to lie on any one I believe it was for money why wait all these yrs to come and say something quit scamming people get out their and make your own DAMN money!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lady jones - 11 years ago

    I think this Is a way to make some money.why wait so many years.

  • Tiphany - 11 years ago

    Money, Publicity, and most of all Humiliation...if they ass hadn't been tryna be so damn grown up gay or not they wouldn't be in such a crappy place now...shame on them boys..smh

  • L - 11 years ago

    Honestly I don't feel that Clash was in the wrong first of all those guys that's trying to Sue they were not suppose to be online in chat rooms nor on chat lines at the age of 15 years old. They were on adult lines and in adult chatrooms they were treated as adults.

  • D. Harris - 11 years ago

    So sad, how can someone wait for so many years to make a accusation, and be believed..then the first guy recanted his story now recant again...who do you believe...its all about kevin said...two consenting individuals....

  • sue - 11 years ago

    If he were innocent then he wouldn't back down. I wish he were...but an innocent person fights.
    He even gave the other guy money in a settlement so it wouldn't come out. So sad.

  • yoyo - 11 years ago

    I dont think he did it people always trying scam somebody.he need go sit down and stay his bute of chat hungry.

  • roberta clash-herndon - 11 years ago


  • roberta clash-herndon - 11 years ago


  • Jason - 11 years ago

    Media and money whores. 20 years later he realized he suffered emotional abuse? Cow poopy! He just realized he could try to squeeze some money out of this guy, because of the previous story. This Cecil looks like a male prostitute.

  • Chandra - 11 years ago

    He claims he just found out he has psycological problems? Honestly if it did in fact happen, he had psych issues from the beginning. If he was on that chat line, he was looking to get his butt hole played with. END OF STORY...

  • kimbrisha - 11 years ago

    ahh, man his part was me and my baby favorite part of the show.... this really sucks! :\

  • Stacy - 11 years ago

    Must not b to much of a minor, they bn having relations dis long. Its all about MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diva - 11 years ago

    And for one what the heck he doing on a chat line at the age 15 so he must lied about his age to use the chat line

  • karen - 11 years ago

    Its not like these are small kids who don't know right from wrong.they both were able to have been said something to someone, must been something they they broke probably trunk to cure an STD on that dudes expense. SMH!P.S. all y'all nasty, GOD made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

  • Bey - 11 years ago

    What the hell?? Y sooo late?? Singleton is gay as they come...he wouldnt have been in the gay chat room if he didnt wanna have sex with a man...u clearly wanted it...folks just money hungry. I wouldnt give his ass shit!!!

  • beautiful - 11 years ago

    Why bring it up now years later. Folks just want money.

  • CECE - 11 years ago

    He's looking for $$$$$, It's funny how Mr Singleton did not become aware that he had suffered adverse psychological and emotional effects from Kevin Clash’s sexual acts and conduct until 2012. Coincedently this happens right after another person sued Mr Clash...and received a settlement. This is gonna introduce alot of new cases all looking for quick cash, Look what it did to Michael Jacksons career..

  • Joi - 11 years ago

    This is such bull crap! Always looking for a way to make some quick money...I hope he is found to be a big liar!

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