Did Annie and Auggie get together too soon?

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  • susie robbo - 11 years ago

    Annie with Eyal for the rest of the life of the show. Why, because they are the two most talented actors in CA, they have super/hot/sexy chemistry. Forbidden & sceret love is such an exciting premise for the writers, set around action & drama on field ops. Eyal/Oded connects with both genders so there is something for everyone. Auggie has no appeal to males, just the 18-24yr f/m demographic & that's why the frat boy hair style. If CA were smart they would have a spunky tech op about 25yr (too young for Annie) that would increase the demographic even more. Oded brings in the males as well as f/males & it's all age groups with him. Auggie again the 18-24yr & Annie all ages & gender.
    Already the chatter is the genre is now a soapie with the Campbells & now the forced A/A relationship, that's why it's best not to have another Langley relationship, it's too much like Days of our Lives @ Langley.

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