Should Republicans Stand Firm Against All Tax Increases in Fiscal Cliff Talks?

Posted 6 years.


  • Take Back America - 6 years ago

    Higher taxes do not address the problem. Out of control spending is the problem. Let's see them spend like this with their own checkbook. Entitlement society again! Cut the spending! Start with government salaries. Then obamacare. No elected official should be exempt from O-Care. That will get it repealed! Stop the entitlements! Limit welfare & food stamps. It is easy to fix without raising taxes.

  • SFC_Swede - 6 years ago

    I didnt vote "no" because I am of the belief that the government, which I believe is completely out of control with spending, has any right to the fruits of an individuals labor for more than what is Constitutionally charged with. Nor do I believe that the President and the Democrats have any mandate to do so...the country as witnessed by the election remains divided.

    That said, the people have spoken...and those who chose to sit home have lost their chance to decide a different future. So at this point....just put a cinder block on the gas pedal and lets get this over with and crater the economy.

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